Sunday, January 24, 2010

Ever want to run screaming, into the streets?

Yep, well, the weekend has not gotten any better than the rest of the week...

Okay, so yesterday I *did* get to spend three hours doing nothing but being with God. And that was, I will admit, a wonderful wonderful thing.

It is as if He knew, I was going to need it, because this morning, we awoke to find nothing but a trickle of water coming from the taps. And now, that trickle is nothing.

We have a very nice well, with a newish pump (it is probably about 5 yrs old right now, and they generally last for 20yrs, give or take). The well is deep, and even if we were in drought conditions, would take some serious issues to go dry. So that is not it. El Husbando, being the wondermous man that he is, has determined that the pump does have voltage, and is trying to work. God willing, it is something easy to fix, like the capacitors. He is going to go back out and check them shortly (prayers would most assuredly be appreciated!).

Otherwise, we have no clue what the problem might be. And given the economy, we really cannot afford to be spending what teeny bit of money we have, on well pump repairs...although we will have no choice, if El Husbando cannot do it himself.

And did I mention I took a header just now, when getting eggs, and have slashed up my leg? Yeah. Just lovely. Into the mud, no less. Sunday is appearing to be one of those days you would just be better off sleeping through...

Hope yours is going better than mine!

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