Thursday, February 18, 2010

I'm sorry, sooo sorry...

It has been a long break. I'm sorry about that.

Unfortunately, some "irl" friends--well, now former friends--that we were involved with, in a larger organization, decided that, well, they didn't want to be friends anymore. But it just took several weeks for things to come to a head. And it exploded, this last weekend, and now there is no going back...for better, or for worse.

But El Husbando and I spent the last several weeks dealing with those sorts of inter-personal issues, and now that they are at least somewhat settled, well, life will hopefully get back onto an even keel. If you would, however, pray for El Husbando, myself, and our well as some of other friends...they are kind of "in the middle" of it all, which is most unfortunate...

In better news...speech therapy is working out pretty well for the boys. As well as the girls, but the boys seem to have really taken to their therapist (thank you Lord! Talk about answered prayers!). They are vocalizing a bit more, and while they are nowhere near where they should be, still, they are well on their way, thanks be to God..

The older children are still doing their thing. We're gearing up for gardening, for spring animals being brought onto the place, and generally, just trying to make it through the last of this nasty winter weather, and into the vibrant blue and green-ness of spring...

Of course, we need to do a preliminary tilling of the garden plots, but the ground is just now really drying out for the first time since Christmas. And we're supposed to get rain (well, according to the forecast I looked at a few days back, lol) again this weekend. No time for El Husbando to get out there and do it before the rains come in again, unfortunately.

Also, in better news, some of our friends who have not fled our presence screaming of our vileness, have decided to come in an visit this weekend. It will be a good balm for our souls, to be sure. Some of them have been as affected in all of this as we were, so it will be good for us to kind of "huddle together", lick our proverbial wounds, and move on together. Besides, any excuse for a good party-like get-together, right? :-)

Anyway, I came online to search for the pecan pie recipe I used at Thanksgiving, as it was quite obviously the best pecan pie El Husbando had ever had. LOL. And I would really like to replicate it, if I could. In duplicate. Nummy pie.

Please, if you would, pray for us. And I'll be checking in more frequently now that things have calmed down a bit around here...

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  1. Popping in to say hi! Btw, love the music you added. I had no idea we had such similar tastes.