Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Well, after we got our schoolwork done today, and made it through the not one, but TWO visits from El Husbando during the day, we were able to get down to some serious yard work....that has been put off for nearly a month...

We had an ice storm the end of January, and while we personally were not out of power long, there were those out of power for a week or more, and in some areas of the state, they may have only very recently gotten it back (almost a month later). Limbs and trees were down everywhere.

We were fortunate enough to only lose some branches, but they were quite numerous, and some were thick enough to require the use of a chainsaw (we were also blessed that we have *no* trees near enough to the house to do damage, unless winds drive them through a window--not from falling). So today the oldest three and I got out there and did a bit of cleanup. We've had so much rain, that it has been hard to get out there and do it, with the grounds as soft as they are...but some went into the "season for next year's firewood" and the rest is being put onto our largeish branch pile in the pasture. If nothing else, it gives the rabbits a place to shelter!

So a small pile of smallish bits of firewood is already accumulating (thank you, Lord!), and hopefully it will make for good "starter" kindling.

After we got that done, and the mail came, I was able to get a decent dinner on the table (Garlic-Lime Chicken, rice, and corn, with homemade, not-from-a-mix brownies for dessert after the twins go to bed...). It appears to have been a successful dinner. Thank you "Mom", for the recipe! :-) Nothing like calling a friend while you are doing yard work, and saying "I need a good chicken recipe! Fast!" and have her whip out a good one in between screaming fits from a wee one, interruptions from the not-so-wee, and filling each other in about the other, more interesting details of life...

Hopefully, I will be able to get some pictures of Peep tomorrow. Sorry--got caught up doing the limb removal from the yard, and didn't get to it!

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