Monday, May 31, 2010

So much for the day's "To Do" list!

Well, that 30% chance of rain last night turned into about 2 inches dumped on my yard and garden. Which nixes any and all chances of getting anything done in either place today. Weeding and (more--its a nearly every day item on "The List") mowing were on the agenda...but we're restricted to the routine animal care, and indoor chores. Nothing huge, just more of the usual "homekeeping" (seriously, y'all don't want to know about the cleaning of ceiling fans, the range hood/vent, and the constant removal of one or more of the three year olds from the kitchen counters, do you?).

I do have a few decorating 'items' on the list for today, at least, preliminaries. Some I've already taken care of, others, well, they are longer term, more 'involved' projects. We'll see how they turn out and the reception that they get around here from TPTB... ;-).

Even though today is a federal holiday, El Husbando is having to least he will be making holiday pay...kind of stinks, though, with him being a vet, but, we'll deal. We've missed holidays before, birthdays, Christmas, etc. Not fun, not desireable, but it is "life"....

I do hope that you all are having a great Memorial day...

More later (hopefully with some garden and house photos)

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