Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Big plans, folks, big, SHHHHH!

Don't tell the husband, but since tomorrow is his birthday...and I'm an incredibly bad gift giver...I'm working on the house instead (okay, he gets a movie (DVD), dinner of his choice, and dessert of his request--chocolate cake with chocolate frosting).

Painting, to be precise. I've got some yellow...and I'm hoping against hope to be able to get "something" done tomorrow while he is at work. There's so much furniture to be moved, it will make for an interesting day, to be sure. On top of keeping dueling three year olds out of the paint can, tray, and out from under foot.

I'd also really like to paint the paneling in the mudroom, the same color as the trim and the cabinets (a creamy white). But we'll see. There's not a lot of paneling in there, but there the washer and dryer to contend with--and you know how heavy those things can be...

But trying to do both the family room (huge), and the mudroom...AND make dinner and dessert, welllllllll....I'm pretty sure it isn't going to happen.

I can pray, right? ;-)

We're finally able to mow again. Got about half of the front western quadrant of the yard done, when the mower 'quit'. Hopefully, El Husbando will be able to get it started again this evening so #1 can finish that quadrant today. Pray hard, lol.

I've been managing to get some things done around here-nothing an outsider would notice, of course, but little things like cleaning out the bathroom cabinets, reorganizing the mudroom closet, etc, etc, etc. You know the drill. Keeping things clean is hard enough, finding time for other projects is a whole 'nother thing to add to the list! :-)

Today I spray painted two picture frames. One will be made into a tray, the other into one of those nifty French memo boards. The tray will end up in my laundry room, the memo board in my bedroom office corner, on the wall. Assuming I can ever get the paint/walls painted, lol.
On top of preventing the demise of one or more three year olds, making sure everyone ate two meals (it is still midafternoon), and that three of the five children hereabouts took a nap before their father comes has been an interesting day.

Lets hope that tomorrow is totally uneventful, I can get my projects done and finished and myself cleaned up in time to be fresh and perky for the birthday 'boy'. :-) Hopefully, I will get some pictures up as soon as I can get things on the You know how that is...

Til then, wish me luck!


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  2. Rachel,

    I hope you got everything you wanted accomplished and that your husband had a happy birthday! That was a long to do list. Hope you weren't to exhausted to celebrate.