Saturday, December 19, 2009

Enchilada Casserole--the results

I forgot to take pictures (sorry!). It tastes good. Salsa will work as the enchilada sauce. I recommend trying it with mild salsa, though, esp if you are feeding it to a mixed crowd of children and adults (or even if you don't like spicy food).

We used the sour cream, but didn't need to add any more salsa, and we didn't have any avocadoes, or such, in the house. The avocadoes would have been nice, as a palate soother, considering how spicy this turned out, but weren't a real necessity.

In other words, try this! It is good, and relatively easy. And, if you make a big batch of Mexican meat mix, you can freeze some for another meal, and make this dish that night (plus, if you've got little hands to help, you can have them help put it together, by grating cheese, and sprinkling it on).

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