Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Slavery, subjugation...and how to resist it

Soon enough, ladies and gentlemen, we will be under a form of slavery. Soon enough, all across this land, every single person in this country (okay--all except for those working for the federal government), will be under the slavemaster's whip.

The health care legislation currently moving through the US Senate, is well on its way to making us all slaves under Massa Sam (he used to be Uncle Sam, but if he's wielding a whip, I doubt any one of us would grant him that benevolent name)...We will be working, and paying...MANDATED by law, to pay, for "insurance" we won't have. We will not have the right to opt out. We won't have the right to say "no thanks, I'd rather pass". We will be required to purchase insurance. Under penalty of law. A law which, by the way, will end up in all of us being under a single-payer system, run by our massa.

Do any of you not know this? That the payments start *immediately*, yes, IMMEDIATELY!--and yet no one will receive "benefits" for more than four YEARS? Oh yes, boys and girls. You will be shelling out, and shelling out, and shelling out...for NOTHING. And we will not just be paying for you, and I...but we will be paying for every single one of the illegal aliens who have flooded our country. And their families that are in the process of being brought over by "chain migration".

Slavery folks. We'll be "workin' for the man", alright. We'll be slavin' away, paying for the medical care of someone we've never met! Robbing our children and grandchildren, of not only their right to make a living, but also of their right to self-determination. If you don't want insurance, don't buy it. But after this vote...after it is signed into law...we won't have a CHOICE, folks. Our children will be FORCED to buy something. FORCED. To BUY something. Do you get that? We are being forced to purchase something...by law. FORCED. Now...where, in the constitution and the Bill of Rights, does it give the government the RIGHT to require you to PURCHASE something? Last time I checked, it wasn't in there. Last time I checked, that would not be listed among the bill of rights, or any of the amendments thereof. We are a people that, once upon a time, went to war because we didn't want to pay taxes on paper (among other things). Taxes, I might add, that proportionately, are FAR lower than what we pay today? People DIED because they didn't want to pay taxes to a government, and wanted representation to go along with their money.

Given the current activities in Washington, as compared to the feelings running across the country, it appears as if once again, we have a government taxing its people, while not representing them. And before you say "well, they were elected". They may have been elected, but these 'elected officials' in DC are only there for themselves, by and large. In days of old, if they had done something like this, of this magnitude, they would be AFRAID to go home. They'd have been tarred, feathered, and very likely, find themselves running to escape the gallows or lynch mobs, complete with torches. They would not have DARED to do such things.

And yet now..now we have, for the most part, a group of individuals in our Congress who are such panty-waists, that they cannot FIGHT. Very few of the minority party have stood up and said NO NO NO. Very few of them have come out and said, "BRIBING senators to cast their votes for/against certain legislation is WRONG" (if not illegal). Where is the outcry? Where are the folks from Nebraska, and Connecticut, who are starting a recall effort?

Thanks be to God, we have some great senators, from the state of Oklahoma. Senator James Inhofe, and Senator Tom Coburn....both good men who have been splitting the fights (Inhofe has been tackling the horrid Copenhagen/global warming/cap and tax insanity, Coburn, as a doctor himself, has been dealing with the health care debacle)--but they are united in voting against this absolute monstrosity of a piece of legislation...

Now, given that acts of violence are frowned upon both in law and Christian morality, and since my senators are not so much to blame for this nonsense (although if I was Sen Nelson, Sen Dodd, any of the others voting on this mess, I'd be seriously consider a prompt retirement far far away from my "home district", out of fears of violence from outraged, 'finally had enough' constituents--NOTE: I do not advocate violence against our elected officials....I strongly encourage anyone feeling pushed into a corner, who feels that violence is the only way, to seek help, and do not act on your feelings. Please!)...knowing that...what should we, as morally conscientious, yet outraged citizens, do, to protect ourselves?

We should start pressuring our local (state level) legislators to pass legislation that effectively makes this legislation coming from DC, null and void. Can they do that?!?!? Well, YES, they--actually, we, through our leglislators---can do just that. It has been done time and again in the past. A recent example would be the nullification in 30 states of the "Real ID" program. Oklahoma, praise God, was one of those states. The fact that those 30 states have officially passed 'Null and void" legislation, has pretty much made the national level legislation, completely null and void. If no one participates, then there is no way to "enforce" it nationally.

So. Can we do that with this "Obamacare" travesty? YES WE CAN! And we SHOULD. We should stand up, as one people, as one voice, and tell those...persons...passing this...trash...in DC, that we do not want it, we will not have it, and we will NOT PAY FOR IT!

Now, for those who think that it is just fine and dandy that everyone will have medical care....no, folks. NO. Do you understand what is at stake here? We know that insurance companies--private companies--set the rules for those they decide to cover. Now...do we *really* want the government--which has shown that it is led by leftist militants, by communists, by socialists---telling us, how we should live? WHERE we should live? What kind of work we can do? What we can eat, and how much? How much we can weigh? How many children we can have?

For folks who are all about "choice"...let me tell you. You won't have any under this regime. Our rights, such as they are, even now, are better than the hellishness we will be subjected to under this bill, and the others like it, coming down the pike.

DC isn't listening. MAKE THEM LISTEN! Start calling, start writing, your state level government. Start writing letters to the editor, to educate those who may not be aware, that we can, in fact, declare this leglislation null and void...Tell everyone you can, that they do *not* have to be forced to take this nonsense. That we can all stand up...and with one voice, say "NO MORE!". Most of those in DC, are concerned with their re-election. And well they should be. They should be VERY concerned. But unfortunately, we all know that once this garbage is passed into law, we will be highly unlikely to ever get it off of the books. So our best chance, is to make it null. Waiting for the elections, and voting these...people...out of office, isn't going to help much--dollar short, day late kind of thing. Not for this legislation. I still think we ought to remove them from office, as quickly, and as overwhelmingly as possible. However, we have GOT to start moving and getting our state level legislators aware of our desires, as far as nullifying this once it is passed.

Yes, this time of year is completely overwhelmed, with the holidays, traveling, guests, etc. For those of us who are not traveling, nor having relatives coming in, now is a FINE time to sit down, and write an email, AND a letter (hand write it--it gets there attention)--and then call after the New Year. Seriously. Do not let them sit there and do nothing. We don't elect any of our legislators so that they can sit there picking their teeth, and congratulating themselves on getting elected. No, we elect them to legislate. We elect them to protect our interests. As soon as this nonsense is signed into law, which will likely be by mid-January, we need to have already been "on the ground, running" for a couple of weeks. This...baloney...still has to go back through the House and Senate, after the powers that be, hammer out their final agenda--I mean, their final solution...wait, sorry. Final BILL. Yes. That's it.

Folks, type up an email and send it off to your local legislator asap. Fire it off today. Follow it up with a call after New Years. And then, write one up, by hand, and let them know, in polite, yet firm terms, that you do not want this garbage forced down your throat. That you do not want to be required to sign on to this, that you do not want the government mandating that you buy anything....

Yes, I am angry. Fortunately for them, *not* at my local legislators or Senators/Reps from OK (Dan Boren, I am not happy with you, but you are not "mine"....what on earth are you people in Tulsa THINKING?!? I don't care WHO his daddy was, the man needs to go!). I am angry that despite every indication that more and more and more people are angry, do not want this...the senators are moving ahead.

May God have mercy on them, because I do not believe that their constituents will...

And to any national level legislators reading this (hahahaha), I'd just stay in DC if I were you. If you do go home...don't go gallivanting around town. I'd be pretty sure to buckle down and stay home and spend my time figuring out how I was going to explain "selling my vote" to an enraged majority of my constituents.


  1. I feel your pain, Rachel. Can you imagine how bad it is to be represented by Senators Byrd and Rockefeller??? (I prefer to think they are alleged to represent me, because I have yet to discover any ideal, policy, bill, or anything else with which I agree with either of them!)

    Pete, from Chickens in the Road

    (We stay completely away from anything political there, so I will come here to tell you stuff like the above!)

  2. I had figured as much, Pete, and unless something is obviously open to such discussion, I hold my tongue. Folks are welcome to their opinions, of course, and I am just as welcome to believe that they are wrong wrong wrong, but I'm not going to tell them that they cannot think the way that they do.

    That all being said, I am sorry you are forced to live under "the Honourable" Senators Byrd and Rockefeller. God bless you, I don't know how you do it. Of course, given the way the future looks right now, we may look back and wish for such easy times.

    Go right ahead and comment away, Pete m'dear. ;-) I haven't had any nasty comments yet, and I hope I won't, but I'm not one of those highly traveled blogs out there in webland. This is just my little "get the adult thoughts out onto 'something', so I'm not yelling at the talk radio/computer/tv all day, and muttering to my DH all night about "Helena Handbasket" :-)

    Good to see you, and hope you found the recipe! :-)