Thursday, December 24, 2009

Let it snow!!!

We are in the part of Oklahoma (okay, most of it was, lol), that was slammed by that lovely storm that moved through the center-north of the country. We have drifts in our yard. We had 40mph gusts (and up) throughout the day.

My children are thrilled. I will admit, they weren't permitted outside today--too much ice and wind. I went out, to feed the birds, and get their waterer filled, and to run to the mailbox (1/10th of a mile each way, and it felt like an eternity). The lock on the gate was frozen over. Definitely not something I wanted to tackle, so I ended up going through the pipe fence, rather than climbing the gate or forgoing getting the mail into the box. I am sure my mail lady appreciated it ;-) Poor T. Out driving these back country roads, in this weather? Ugh.

More than 1/3d of our driveway was iced over completely (as in, even the gravel was submerged) at 1pm, and that was before the really bad weather hit. So you can imagine how bad it is now. Christmas Eve Vigil Mass, as well as the Christmas Day masses have been canceled, for safety reasons. Unfortunate, but we had already decided that there was no way we could make it, even if it had gone on as scheduled. There are parts around here, supposed to get up to 11inches.

We can use the moisture, but still...whew.

Regardless, we will have a white Christmas. And that is enough of a rarity, anywhere, to make me smile at the thought.

Now, I must get back to my regularly scheduled "frantic Christmas Eve" activities (still have the yeast rolls to set up, as well as breakfast, finish the wrapping, and get myself to bed...and it's 1030 already...ugh!).

Hopefully, you have been able to breathe a bit...enjoy yourselves, if you can!

God bless....

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