Friday, July 16, 2010

I must be high...

From spray paint fumes, that is. Between using a high gloss white to spray the ceiling in the kitchen (to cover an "oops" of my darling husband's involving a pressure cooker and pinto beans), spraying around the main ceiling light fixture, finishing the spraying (outdoors) of some fixtures for the mudroom bathroom, and deciding on/spraying the color I am using on my thread rack ($1/yard sale--holds something like 63 spools of thread!), and small wall-mounted corner shelf ($1/yard sale)....well, I've been a spray painting fool today. Yesterday, I taped off and sprayed a ceiling light fixture (because removing it from the ceiling would have required my husband's assistance, and he was not home), the larger oak-finish surround for the main light in the kitchen (which since everything else is going oil-rubbed bronze, and there isn't a bit of oak in the room, it was simply a matter of time), and I got the first few coats of ORB sprayed onto the bathroom hardware (a simple matter, really).

Hopefully, today will see the kitchen light hooked up and covered for the first time in a loooong time. Its been hooked up, but working sporadically (we got a new ballast for it while running errands this morning, and El Husbando is changing it out as I type) it will be nice to have reliable (if not completely agreeable to my tastes) overhead lighting.

After that, I'm hoping to have the bathroom hardware put up (taking the old down, first, of course), and God willing, I will paint some of the sample colors I got today on the walls in the mudroom and the adjacent bath. Then we'll see.

OH! And I found a perfect lace panel curtain for the mudroom bath window for a $.25 at a yard sale yesterday, and boy, is it nice...Definitely better than the nasty dollar store forest green monstrosity that had been hanging there since before we moved in...not having anything else to take it's place, and knowing that this is the one bathroom that people outside *can* walk by and see into the window, well, it seemed prudent to wait til we had a better option than "naked window"....Now to get the valance up....That'll wait til after the painting is done in there, though, just in case...

Today is El Husbando's last day off for this week, so we are hoping to get some mowing done as well. We'll see what time and energy allots for. Tomorrow is the Peach Festival here in town, and we're looking forward to heading out there tomorrow morning early--to avoid crowds and heat. I got a good majority of the mowing done earlier this week (probably about 3/4s of an acre's worth), at least, the finish mowing, not the brute/crude "chop it down/back with the brush hog and the tractor"...

I figure, I can finish mow with the push mower in the very front, and the areas we really need to walk through regularly, as well as the parts he cannot mow with the tractor. The rest of it is up to him. And Mr. John Deere :-) .

But I'm getting there, folks. Hopefully I'll get two more of those small ceiling lights taped off and painted this next week (brutally hot that close to the ceiling, it seems), as well as getting the mudroom painted. Well, I can pray on that. It won't take much, given the real lack of wall space. It will just take a final decision on my part, and a trip to town, as well, to get more than the "sample" size of paint....assuming I make a decision, that is. :-)

Folks, pray I can get all of this work done quickly...we've got some family coming in on the 27th, and I'd really like to have as much of this done as is humanly possible, between now and then...well, pray I can do it and not have a breakdown in the (we just found out yesterday morning that they are coming...for sure...and when).

Til later...

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  1. Good luck with your projects. I'll pray for you that you are able to accomplish what you need to do. You'll have a great time though when your family arrives - even if you aren't able to get it all done! God Bless!