Sunday, July 18, 2010

Well, the mudroom is blue

Actually, a very deep blue. Darker than I had originally thought I would like...but it does look good with the white trim and almond flooring (actually, kind of the colors here on Blogger, when one is typing up a post!--coincidentally, of course, lol).

I've got the new towel ring up (it will come down for painting) and I need to spackle and get more paint for the bathroom and mudroom (and hallway, maybe). But we'll see what I can get done, and when.

The kitchen ceiling light looks SO much better than it did before (both the "bare bulb" look, and the oak surround are far inferior to this...seriously). Just some cleaning, and some ORB spray paint. 20 minutes. Seriously. Makes a world of difference...And the room looks so much more "finished" (even though it is far from it) than it did before.

Now to get the lights in the hallway taped/papered off and painted, as well...and the walls. Etc, etc.

If I could "just" find a light for the mudroom and the bathroom, and a countertop/sink combo for the bath...

Ah, well, it will all come together in bits and pieces, it may just take a while. :-) I am sure you all know how that goes!

For now...

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