Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Painting, chickens, and babies!

Here's the color, folks...

Since photos don't work so well in that area of the house (less natural light), here's a link to the Behr sample swatch online

I almost went one shade lighter (it was called "Bleached Denim", and let me tell you, it looked blueish on the swatch, but battleship gray on the walls. This paint color looked more blue, and it sure is lovely on the walls. It makes the trimwork "pop", and looks wonderful with the tile flooring. NICE! :-)

We've got a mirror solution for over the sink. And *may* have a new light fixture up sometime this weekend (if El Husbando can get a mounting bracket for the antique light fixture "cover" built and installed properly...). I am probably going to get a new sink/countertop combo sometime in the next month--the local Home Depot has a sink on their clearance rack that would fit, matches perfectly, and has been sitting on the clearance rack for 3+ mos hopefully it will last another couple of weeks and I can go in and get it around the end of the month. I need to find a new faucet, though, that I like and can

I am not sure if we'll have the valances and curtains up before the family visits this next week--I can hope so, but not 100%. We've sold a couple of our meat birds to some friends, since they were butchered, and we'll hopefully be seeing some cash flow in from those. When you think $4/lb, five birds, and the smallest was 5.5 lbs....wellllll....that can add up fast.

I still have 11 birds here for us (we lost five Friday to heat stroke/complications of the high heat and low winds). One is actually in the soup El Husbando and the children like chicken soup. It is just too hot for me to be craving soup at the

And, in some very interesting "news of the weird"..our broody hen that lost that clutch of eight eggs, had two of the three eggs she was sitting on, hatch this weekend. Yeppers, folks. Eggs that I didn't *think* she could have sat on for more than 5 days, hatched. Definitely full term chicks, though. So while I don't know precisely *what* happened, or *how*, I am pleased nonetheless. Two little fluffballs to add to the home flock? Nothing to be displeased at, there. Just hoping that they are pullets. :-) More layers, you know.

Other than massive quantities of housework, though, and some final painting in the family room, I am going to be doing the 'chicken with its head cut off' routine...with family possibly arriving on Monday, I want to get as much done as I can as fast as I can (and yet, here I am on the computer). El Husbando has a couple of days off and so he will be attending to the yard and such, hopefully, getting it into better shape. I will get to do some finish mowing on the front and around the trees and such out back once he is done...

But whew. Done with the meat birds for this year. Got to get the turkeys bigger, for this fall. And hopefully coddle these latest hatchlings along til we get them grown enough...

Hope you are having a great week, everyone...

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