Monday, July 12, 2010


Well, I've made a decision on the mudroom paint. It is going to be blue. Maybe. Probably. Something in the denim family. Kind of the "my husband's favorite pants, after a couple of years of wear. :-) Maybe a bit darker than that (more of the "My husband's *new* favorite pair of jeans, fresh from the retailer--but the same size/style etc as his previous and now worn out pair"). But you get the idea. It will, unfortunately, require a couple of different samples, undoubtedly, to get the right shade (given the fabric I intend to use on the windows), but we will see how many. And yes, those sample jars? DEFINITELY a good idea. Saved me a TON of trouble--as I wanted to paint the family room blue, originally...and after painting some sample colors on the walls, changed my mind! :-) It also helped confirm which shade I wanted in the master bedroom (still not painted, but it is better than nothing!)....

I have, however, gotten *most* of the family room done. It is still a work in progress--I have to move the two, very heavy on their own, bookshelves--and all of the *many* books on them. Most of those books are heavy, too. Joy. That and the stack of bags of outgrown/out of season clothing of the girls/boys/whomever, that need boxing up and put away, but the rubbermaid totes have to be purchased (will hopefully be starting on that on Friday). Basically, about 4 feet in each direction, from one corner of the family room, and about 2-2 1/2 feet on one wall, next to the fireplace. But we are getting there!

Right now, though, the focus is on mowing--again. Rain rain rain rain and what do you get? No chance to mow for about 2 weeks. And that equals a lot of trouble. Especially with nice grass in the yard (kept well fertilized by free-ranging chickens, geese, and a duck...!).

Speaking of animals, we have added to the home flock--originally, it was 6 turkey poults and 9 ducklings, but something (not sure what) was able to get into their somewhat secure nursery coop, and make off with several of them. So we are down to two poults, and five ducklings. Not too bad, but it will make for some expensive turkeys come Thanksgiving (assuming that they make it that long, of course!). And, our one hen who seems to go broody every 2-3 mos in spring/summer--is sitting again--two weeks into this round, as of tomorrow. So, by the middle of *next* week, maybe we will have some new babies. We can keep our fingers crossed. Homehatched babies just seem to do better...

After I get done with the family room, I have a lot of furniture projects to work on--a bed for the master bedroom, desk for my office space, two chairs for the master bedroom, hopefully a coffee table and a mirror(to be turned into something else--either a bulletin board or a chalkboard, not sure which!)...I'm also looking for a couple of larger pieces for the family room, but those will be long-term keeping my eyes open for the right piece kind of thing...I'm sure you know what I am talking about.... It has to be "cheap", but well made, and somewhat accessible to me with my vehicle availability and geographical ties...we'll have to see how long it takes me...

I do hope you all are having a good summer. It is too hot to say "Delightful"'s sakes, its awful (raining so often, with heat in the Too hot). Our garden is limping along as best as it can. Hopefully, we will have a break from the rain so we can get out there and work some more....pray! :-)

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  1. Well this little Aussie needs to know what is a mud room? I am thinking it is like a cleaning room that children take off all their muddy shoes etc. Is that right?

    We have had a lot of rain too but the temps have been quite a bit cooler.