Thursday, March 18, 2010

And, to add to the project below...

Gleaned from another crafty lady, here's an idea of what to do with said large frame, when I find it....

Now, let's see how much gets done this spring...


I do hope you are having a beautiful day. The calendar may not read "spring" yet, but it sure does feel like it today, around here. We're supposed to have even better weather tomorrow, and then a chance of rain and some COLD weather on Saturday. Then back to warm weather on Sunday. Don't ask me, I didn't make the weather schedule (otherwise, I'd have a good three week period with no rain right now, just so some folks, ahem, could get their gardens plowed and tilled up and ready to plant).

Yes, our garden plots are still too soft to work. All of them (we checked). Our cows are still jumping the fences. El Husbando is still under the weather. The camping trip was called off due to illness, incoming bad weather (it causes El Husbando's back to flare something fierce, especially on top of driving out there). So, we're all at home. Goodness knows, I'd love a few more days of warm sunny weather, with NO rain..nary a sprinkle.

But, since that's unlikely (please pray it by passes us, please), I'm going to be working on a few small projects around here (God willing I can get to them without having to deal with spiders, mice, or small children getting into the things I've just cleaned/organized/put

So, what are your weekend plans? Staying home? Finishing up spring break? Enjoying some family time? Gardening, traveling, or something much more exciting??

Fill me in!

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