Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I am *SO* going to do this when I stop feeling so bad!

First, go over here:

Skip the wreath thing---not "all that" into wreaths.

But CHECK OUT the tutorial! Oh. My. Goodness.

I won't be writing anything, goodness knows, that's hard enough for me to do forwards, much less backwards! lol..but the reverse image? SO FLIPPIN' EASY!!!!!

And it looks SOOO cool!

Yes. I will do this. Oh, yeah, baby..I've got a HUGE window in the dining room..faces south...lots of light (especially this time of year)....

Shh. Don't tell El Husbando I have to go thrifting for big frames with glass in them. Or about any of my other projects. His health you know (its very delicate ;-) ). He *is* still recovering from the miserable fluish "thing" going 'round.

In case you cannot tell, I feel much better this afternoon. Amazing what some fresh air, sunshine, and a couple of slices of colby-jack will do for you (lots of protein, ZERO carbs, ladies!).

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