Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Rain, rain, go away--come back in three weeks!

Well, folks, we're up for some pretty strong weather. At least, that is what the weather men are saying. And it looks it right now.....

It looks as if I *will* be going camping...we'll see. I keep praying. Hard. I hate camping. No. Really. Camping ranks right up there with dental work without novocain. Abdominal surgery, without benefit of full anesthetic (I have experienced this one, and believe me, I am not exaggerating, this is a very true statement).


I'd rather stay home by myself, with twin almost three years olds, and a spring cleaning/painting agenda. Going out into the woods, with none of my normal, at home conveniences, with no convenient sleeping room for the children away from the parents, with no safe area to put the twins so I can have 5 minutes to myself...for days on end.

Yeah. That's *real* fun.



Some folks take that "hate it" thing as, well, a slight exaggeration. NO. I would rather be cut up like a Christmas goose again (and feeling it on the right side of my body, thank you Mr "the epidural only took 1/2 way" anesthesiologist!), on a cold operating table, and finally when they realized I was feeling it, drugged me enough that I heard one of the twins crying and thought, oh good, one of them survived. I thought I had died, folks. Yeppers. I'd rather go through *THAT* again.

But for the love of my husband? I will do what he wants. And offer it up as a Lenten penance...maybe one or more of the Holy Souls can use it...I go in to the woods, they get out of purgatory...who knows...I hope we all come out of it a lot.

The main reason, is that El Husbando is going to be having a change in his job coming very soon. Not the good change we had hoped for, unfortunately, but one we had really really really hoped to avoid. It will limit his time with the family severely, and so....I *get* to go camping. In the woods. With ticks. And bugs. And lots of dirt. And no bathtub (for the children, there will be showers for us grown ups). It is time for him to spend with us..before the awful job starts up.

So, here is what the next week looks like around here. I have a birthday, a day in town, come home and hostess a bday party, go back to town (and back), go to Mass, have our priest over for dinner, pack and go camping.

I was really hoping for spring cleaning and painting.

So. Please pray for me. I know I am going to need it. Between being hideously busy, and being stressed about the changes in El Husbando's job, and our family life, and having to go camping--because you love someone more than your own personal comfort and convenience (okay, abdominal surgery with minimal anesthetic, isn't a convenience thing...really).

Lord, have mercy. I think I am going to be in desperate need of every drop of mercy I can get....

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