Monday, November 2, 2009

Day 3, and we're still good to go!

Chicky-Baby is still with us, after 3 days of 'out of the egg' life. So far, Big Momma has done a great job of training little one to eat, drink, and scratch. All valuable skills for a successful chicken to have, lol. The picture below is the best side view shot I could get at this angle, given I didn't want to risk having my hand pecked off by a protective mother!
Obviously, it is breakfast time, and little bit is enjoying a bit of water and a bit of feed with mom.

Mom does not seem to care much for the paparazzi, so my photo opportunities were small. But we're trying to get her used to if I could convince her to let me pick the little one up and take other pictures.
The mornings are cool, so Chicky went back under mom shortly, but while it lasts, it is a good thing. They will be staying in the chick coop together for another week or so, at least, depending on the weather. I want to go ahead and let them stay indoors (with the nice warm hay/straw floor, sheltered from the wind and wet) for as long as possible. Mom would be fine out and about, but baby definitely does not need to be struggling through the dew-damp grasses.
I've got some more pictures, of other farmyard creatures, which I'll post later--including some of our resident "Man About Town" , Lucky the rooster. A few more of our gaggle of geese. Just early morning photo ops.
There are no big plans for today, other than the usual schoolwork. The trash cans are out for the weekly pick up. Dinner plans are still up in the air, as to what we will be eating. Not difficult to figure out--I think vegetable beef soup. Sounds yummy, and easy. LOL. Always a bonus! Not to mention, having all of the ingredients on hand.
Better go, got to get things running for the day...
Enjoy the pictures, and I'll put some more up later on this morning.

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