Sunday, November 1, 2009

Final results!

Okay, so it isn't the best picture. But it sure did taste wonderful. What we have here, is a trifle, of sorts. Also known as a punchbowl cake, around these parts. I started with a layer of cake, crumbled up...then a layer of vanilla pudding (I added some extra vanilla to kind of take off some of that packaged flavor), then a layer of homemade whipped cream, made with whipping cream, some confectioner's sugar, some cinnamon, and a splash of brandy flavoring. Repeat. And repeat again, finishing with whipped cream. And yes, it is/was good.

I actually have one of my quarters left, as I had enough cake, but not enough of the other two parts to finish it all off. I made two packages of vanilla pudding and used 2 pints of heavy cream, so if you wanted to make this yourself, be aware! Then again, it might just be the size of my punch bowl/cake stand cover. Use more cake in each layer, maybe. I don't know. But it tasted good, and the cake wasn't a total flop this way! Always important when you have guests coming over for just dessert. Lemons out of lemonade, and all that. You know what I mean!

In even better news, we were able to do some more house-tidying up before our guests arrived, so the school room got cleaned, I got the vacuuming done through the majority of the house (bedrooms didn't get it today, but the boys' room got it yesterday). The mudroom and adjoining bath got cleaned up, and El Husbando is going through his stack of stockpiled magazines that he forgot he had stacked on the hearth in the school room. Whew. That's a mountain right there that I am not having to deal with any more, and even better, tomorrow is trash day! WOOHOO! LOL.

And so, another beautiful day draws to an end here, off to the west...the sunset was earlier tonight, thanks to the time change overnight, and so while sunrise will come earlier, the sunset will be, also. Better for getting small children into bed..bwahahahahahahaaaa!!! (that's my evil laugh, folks!)

Hopefully, I'll have something good to share tomorrow. We're still gathering names for Chicky-Baby, who is still with us, thanks be to God. We've already had all the variations on Gold___ that you can think of, by the way. Goldenrod, Goldielocks, Marigold...yep yep and yep. We've had Lucky, Rex. Chester, and Crazy (all roosters, btw). We've had Oreo, Spot, Dot, Patsy, Tom, and Jerry. We've had Golden-y. We've had TomThumbelina, and Big Momma.

So please. Help us. Name this wee baby before it ends up being known as "that chick we had on Hallowe'en". LOL

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