Monday, November 9, 2009

Not the prettiest leaf, but the contrast with the green next to was this particular tree, that was colors I want in a fall afghan/blanket for my family room...
Ah, sweet Sheba. I actually managed to get a good photo of my girl. Very shy. Very sweet. And very protective.

Mel, standing guard, keeping close watch for, oh, anything with wheels. Apparently, they are his worst enemies. So far today he's chased our neighbor's car (in and out), the UPS truck (ditto), and the mail lady (another sweet neighbor)--just along the road.
We had some brief rainy weather early this afternoon, and the clouds afterwards were simply lovely. I didn't really get the contrast of the sunbeams through the clouds in the aftermath, but it was, but I tried. I do like to is lovely out here. Cool, slightly breezy...we didn't get enough rain to make the driveway wet, even, just enough to dampen the air and the grass...but it was a nice change...I hope it changes back to the sunny fair weather we've been having...
Our bi-weekly visit from our friend from Tulsa won't be happening. He's gotten caught up at home, and won't get down our way til late. Too bad, but I understand. I'm glad I hadn't made dessert yet, when he called! :-) Drat. Forced to eat more dessert! LOL Not the best idea, what with my PCOS, but we'll work on that. :-)
There isn't too much else planned until later this week, but we're going to go visit friends Thursday, and will be relatively busy the rest of the you won't likely hear from me until Sunday at the earliest (in looking at our schedule). Maybe, maybe not, but we'll see.
I do hope you are having a great day, regardless of what the weather is like where you are...

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