Thursday, November 5, 2009

Dinner tonight...

Yeah, yeah, I know. Third post of the day, with more to come?

But since I know ya'll are simply dyin' to find out if my children will be eating cookies and milk for 'dinner' tonight, I thought I'd reassure

Nope. Pan fried pork chops, mashed potatoes, green beans...and then the cookies. LOL.

I'm doing my pork chops like Ree at Pioneer Woman

Green beans, like El Husbando likes them--fried bacon, sauteed onion, and the lovely addition of green beans, a smattering of salt and pepper...

Of course, the mashed potatoes are mashed. With sour cream, butter, and either heavy cream (since I have some!) or whole milk (the only kind I keep in the house). And salt and pepper. I'll be making some gravy to pour over these and the chops. I think El Husbando will approve. Especially if I ply him with cookies and ice cream afterwards, lol. :-)

Check out PW's website, she's got her tour schedule up for signings, etc. I'd suggest going to the location early on in the day, however, as a friend of mine attempted to go see her/get her book signed last night in SLC...and after driving an hour to get there, found out that tickets had been given out, early in the day, and she didn't have one. Only after the tickets were done, would the rest of the folks be allowed in, if there was time/space...So check with your local PW signing location, as to whether or not you need to get those tickets, just so you won't be disappointed!

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