Friday, November 6, 2009

Meet....and our contest winner!!!

Hi--my name is...PEEP!!!!! Thanks to Miss JoAnn, from the Creamer Chronicles, and her four boys, I have a name!! YAAAYYYYY!!!!!! (And more feathers, too, in case you can't tell from the picture)...
Miss JoAnn, here is your prize! Here (above) are some vintage "Aunt Martha" iron on transfers (you *had* to get the one with the chickens on it!)...Below, you can see the pretty little handpainted dish--yellow roses for you, and because *I'm* yellow, too! And the "Sundry Bundle" is a special thing, a mix of handprinted papers and designs and odds and ends from Lesley's shop, "Small Meadow Press"!

Email me your mailing address, so I can get it into the mail tomorrow! I hope you enjoy it! Sorry there is nothing for the boys, I suppose I could go find a package of Marshmallow Peeps....but that almost seems...wrong! :-)
In case you've not been to JoAnn's blog, go there! She's one of my favorite blogs to read...inspiring and fun and generally just a great place to visit. Wish we lived closer than we do--she seems like someone I'd like to sit and have a chat with...or go fabric shopping...thrifting...yard saleing...oh my...Yes. I think that would be fun. Don't know what I'd do with the children, but I can bet that they'd enjoy a road trip!
Today is another beautiful day--rumor has it, we may actually get up to 80 degrees today! If it does, Peep and Big Momma will be back outside in their little coop. They'll probably go into the garden today, since they'll find some bugs and seeds and such there, as opposed to where they were yesterday, in shorter, yard grass. We're having a lovely week, and I am so grateful that we've had it. The skies, such a beautiful brilliant blue, the brightly colored leaves (admittedly on the Bradford Pears I'd like to rip out and replace with oaks and dogwoods and maples)....
I love fall. It is one of my favorite times of the year, kind of like spring, without the birthdays (all of our birthdays are in the first six months of the year--and so is El Husbando's and my anniversary). And the leaves are bright multi-colored, not bright green. But oh, so pretty! I want a blanket in the colors on the trees...not the darks--the bright scarlet, almost lime green, gold...a hint of a It'd make a great afghan for the couch, that is for sure. Now, to learn to crochet, and find the yarns to use to make it happen. LOL. But that may be a craft I try to take up this winter...keep the lap warm while I learn!
Hopefully, you are having a great day, and the weather where you are is as lovely as it is here...


  1. congratulations JoAnn. Peep is a great name for a hen or rooster.

    Temps here going to be over 100 for the rest of the week here Rachel. I am going to try and get everyone up early and get them all to have a afternoon rest when it is the hottest time during the day.

  2. sweet little chick & I remember those vintage transfers! we lived in GA. (atlanta area) for 18 years before moving to MO. we thought GA. was Baptist country -- lol.

  3. Hi, Janean! Nice to see you!

    I grew up outside of Atlanta too--21 yrs from birth to marriage, spent in the same zipcode, lol...and I would have thought that the land of ginormous Baptist churches was baptist country, too...but it appears that while OK may not have the same amount of huge buildings and congregations, she certainly has her share of variety! I'm telling you, one block, in one small town--four baptist churches--all of a different flavor.

    I lucked into those transfers in a thrift store--I've got some more tucked I'm hoping to use them eventually. It is quite amazing what nifty things people will just throw into a "donate" bag or box...and then I luck into it for $1 or less. I got baggies full of those transfers for $1 each. Yeah. I love that particular store, and I am sooo glad I am going to be going there this next week! I've been looking forward to it for a while...hopefully, I'll find some great stuff this time, too.

    Thanks for stopping in, and make sure to come back and see us!