Monday, November 2, 2009

More farm and garden pics!!

Here are some pictures of Lucky--our rooster. He hatched out this spring (on my birthday, no less), from a Buff Orpington rooster, and either a Black Star or Black Australorp hen. Fortunately for us all, he is a gentleman, and takes good care of his ladies. And he isn't nearly as aggressive as other roosters we've had, who lived up to the horror stories about rooster behavior. Not that we don't keep an eye on him, but we are glad that he is of the far more kinder, gentler sort of rooster!
I think he is quite proud of himself. But he doesn't crow about it--much. A fine coloration, even though he'd never win any awards for being a purebred roo. God sure wields a fine paintbrush!
Here are Percy and Co., out for a morning promenade. The garden is behind that gate, btw, and we're letting them roam through there and eat all of the bugs and grass and weeds they want/can. And fertilize while they do it, lol.
A close up. It doesn't show how blue their eyes are. Very Nordic. Very British. They are very...superior. Make no bones about it, they *are* the bullies of the barnyard. The High School seniors, who keep all of those doggone lower-classmen under their thumbs. Our duck is like the junior flunky, who goes along to get along.

That is it for this morning, but I wanted to share some of my morning's views. Hope you enjoyed them!

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