Tuesday, November 17, 2009

An urgent need for prayer in the coming day/weeks...

I have mentioned my new-found friend, M. A wonderful family, she has, and there is a project of theirs that is coming to fruition in the next few days/weeks (its a multiple part deal, you see). PLEASE pray tonight, as her husband is driving to her from the Great White Northern Hinterlands...things are coming to a head in the next day or so, in particular, and while he has to be apart from the family, working on the farm, he is *going* to be here now. Prayers for safety, for help in their labor, for the blessings of God upon them, in smoothing their way, would be *most* appreciated.

Thank you! I know M and her family have been feeling the prayers that have been sent up on their behalf, and are very grateful for all of the loving hearts that have aided them spiritually...


  1. I just said a quick prayer for your friend... cuz hey, any friend of your'n is a friend of mine;)

  2. Why, thank you, Diane!

    THe big project is an adoption of a biracial baby. They are a biracial couple/family already, and so this child will fit right in. :-) The logisitics of adopting a child in one state while living in another, is quite drawn out, and of course with the Thanksgiving holidays this next week, well, it will be a while before they get all of their t's crossed and i's dotted, iykwim.

    Please pray all goes smoothly. Its been a long wait for the wee one, and they are (naturally) very excited and anxious...

  3. Ahhhh... the infamous Interstate Compact...how well I remember its joys! *roll eyes* When we were adopting one of our children I actually had a personal account with Federal Express in order to get all of the papers where they were supposed to be at the earliest possible moment. They indeed have my prayers.

  4. I just talked to them, and the baby is indeed "on the way"--birth mother was induced early this afternoon...but we all know how long inductions can take (my first was induced at 12 days post dates, and took 19hrs to get here, lol).

    Dad has arrived safely in state, and while tired, is glad to be with his family.

    Thanks for the prayers, I know that they are most appreciated...