Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Pie pie and more pie

Homemade pumpkin...homemade apple...homemade pecan....homemade praline pumpkin (combine two of my favorites!). For 7 people. LOL. I think I need to invited a few people over, but everyone I call, is already gone for the holiday. LOL.

I've got things lined up for tomorrow---green beans a la El Husbandoare on the stove, cooking Southern style (in other words, with bacon, onion, black pepper, and a looong time, so that all the nutrition is cooked out of them, lol). Green bean casserole makings are on the kitchen counter...right next to the makings for sweet potato casserole. Turkey (in the fridge, thawed), an 11ish pounder. Don't need a huge one, since it is just us...stuffing (El Husbando prefers stove-top), mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce...gravy...and of course, more more more pie. I've got the whipping cream ready for tomorrow's whipped topping fiesta...the vanilla ice cream for the apple pie...

AGHHHHHHhh. My stomach already hurts. And I've not eaten a thing yet, lol.

I took the last pie out of the oven not long ago, and have it covered with the praline topping now. It looks sooooo good. I am very much looking forward to taking a bite of it...

Yes, I will take pictures. :-)

I considered making some deviled eggs, but to be honest, we've got so much food for just the seven of us, I don't wish to overload us with leftovers.

I ate a light (hurried) supper of reheated spaghetti this evening...the children had eaten long before, while I was getting pies into the oven so I could relax a wee bit this evening. I am going to try to brine the turkey this year, overnight. It sounds super easy, and super tasty, so I'm going to "try" it. Hopefully, it will work. LOL. I'll let you know.

I think the ice cream is calling me...the big question is, should it be more of the red raspberry sherbet, or brownie batter? Oh, so difficult a choice! (just a warm-up for tomorrow's pie dilemma!).

Regardless, God bless you all, may you have a Thanksgiving full of things to be thankful for...even in these times of economic hardship, we need to remember the old song, about counting our blessings....

"Count your blessings, count them one by one, count your blessings, see what God has done...."

Everything in life is a blessing. Even the strangest and most painful, discomfiting things...a blessing.

May you have many blessings, my friends, of the sort we are "glad" to count, this year....

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