Saturday, November 7, 2009

A giveaway! (no, not here!)

Oh my word. If ya'll haven't checked out Cherry Hill Cottage, do so. But once you check out Tina's home/blog, go over and check out her friend Paula, over at Castle and Cottage

There is a $40 gift certficate giveaway. If you go to Tina's blog (she's one of my faves over on my blogroll to the left!), you can see the sign she got from Paula, for her own home. BEAUTIFUL sign!

PLUS, if you comment on the thread, and then post a link to the thread on your own blog (and go back and mention it in another thread!), you can get TWO entries. Now, I realize, that for those folks who regularly win stuff, two entries? Huh, not that big a deal. For folks like me, who never ever win anything, well, let me tell ya, two entries is better than one, by a long shot!

So, please go check out Paula's beautiful blog! Seriously, the "entry" is a comment, about what your favorite color is to decorate with, for Christmas (I do jewel tones...with gold accents). I'm not thinking about Christmas overly much yet, but it sure wouldn't hurt to win a few blog Give me a little early "holiday spirit", if you know what I mean.

Sorry we've not had another blog post today, or an update on Peep. But all seems to be well in little one's world (the winds have been up the last couple of days, so I've left Momma and Peep in the big coop, as extra shelter). Not much of any excitement happened around here, either--a trip to the post office to mail the prize off for naming Peep (should be there by Wednesday), and a trip to the grocery store. Yeehaw! NOT! LOL....

Hopefully, you have had a productive Saturday...and a beautiful weekend...

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