Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Alright, who stole the sun!?!?!

And when are you giving it back? Seriously. I'm getting a tad bit tired of gray. I know, I know. "They" say it will be the new neutral we're putting on our walls and the rest of our home surfaces. Not around here. I've got one piece of gray furniture, and it is really one too many. But I digress.

No sun again today. I woke up, and couldn't even see the cows in the pasture out in front of the yard. And no, I didn't awaken before dawn. No, the fog and clouds are so thick that the cows are still hidden, nearly two hours later. So obviously, someone has taken the sun (I hear, via Kim at Daisy Cottage, that the sun has been spotted in Savannah and Florida. Maybe it is a snowbird? And just moves to Florida for the winter? I mean, I know it has abandoned Montana and Idaho..

Okay, okay...in all seriousness folks, it is gray and cloudy again. I don't mind my gray cotton cardigan sweater. It is warm, it fits, and it is comfortable. But wrapping a wee bit of gray around my body is different from being completely surrounded by the stuff. So, if you can box some of that sunny stuff where you are, and mail it my way, I'd be most appreciative. :-)

The children are doing their school work, we've gotten some of the house work done (a never-ending job, as I am sure you are aware), and I am thinking on dinner. I'm not sure what it will end up being. We have plenty of leftovers, so I suspect that it will be leftover night. Mexican food, and two kinds of soup (chicken noodle and kielbasa), bread I baked last night..I'd say it is a good selection. We'll see. But since we need to finish some of them off to make room in the refrigerators, not to mention the ease of getting such a dinner together, wellllll, don't be surprised if we are having "Smorgasbord" for dinner tonight, lol.

El Husbando would love me to plan menus out for a couple of weeks at a time. I've tried it. I will have a plan, and he will change the plan. I suppose it saves money for some folks, but I'm not running to the store every day, now, even without one. I make meals based on what we have in the house. Its just plain cheaper that way. And throwing money away is not something I enjoy..whether it is spent on gas for unnecessary trips to the store or for fancy ingredients I'll only use one or two times, or worse yet, something I actually *do* have on hand, but haven't kept in the inventory...There is a close-by small IGA store, but the next closest grocery store of any real size is a good 15-20min away--a gallon of gas each way, so it had better be a MAJOR need for me to make the trip--and by having basics on hand all of the time, those are kept to an absolute minimum. Even if I don't have something on hand, I can usually have him pick it up on his way home from work. But I know if I was working away from home, I would need a plan...and a good one, too!

This, then, brings me to our Diva of the Day! Without further ado, let me intro this by saying she is a wonderful, funny, crafty, thrifty woman. And did I mention that she's simply beautiful? And talented? And she somehow manages to put up being the only human female in a house full of testosterone (they do have a female lab, which I guess helps some...). So, for those who haven't guessed yet, it is....

JoAnn, at Creamer Chronicles!!!! Yes folks, the one and only, infamous, "bread recipe lady", JoAnn! Please, check out this phenomenal woman (yes, JoAnn, a *phenomenal* woman! Stop blushing, and trying to deny it! :-) ). She is a great cook (alright, I've not had a chance to eat at her table, but go check out her blog, people!), but she's got four strong, strapping sons, and a husband who doesn't look as if he is suffering from poor feeding, either! ;-) And good news, she shares her recipes!! It is enough to make me want to go show up at her house, fork in hand! And camera, so I can get pics of all the nifty things she's done, to do at my house when I get back home...

So, please, go take a peek at the Creamer Chronicles! She's got a new post up today, and it is a crafty one, ladies!!!

Hopefully, you are all having a blessed day, and may it be sun-filled. And dry. And warm. Send some of it this way, if you've got any leftovers, please!


  1. JoAnn is on the must read list each day. I get upset when she misses a day.

    Oh and we had the sun for a short time yesterday. That was when I went and photographed the vegetable garden. We only borrowed it though. It is all overcast now.

  2. Thank you for such a lovely post! I'm blushing!!!