Monday, October 19, 2009

Things to do, and things already done....

Well, today was a good day. Warmish, breezy, and...we had dental cleanings for the first three children. Fortunately, all is well. Whew. Given that there are a whoooole lot of teeth in those three mouths, the potential for some problems is certainly, to make it through the next six months problem

We're doing the usual--laundry, floors, dishes. Going to go get El Husbando from work in a few hours, and generally keep the chaos at bay one day longer. The yard only got half mowed yesterday thanks to an over-heating tractor. So hopefully, we'll get it running smoothly again this afternoon, and get that all done. Goodness knows I need to get the garden taken care of, especially given the rain we are expecting the rest of this week...

Since the rain will preclude a lot of things (gardening, window washing, etc), I'm going to continue working on my shawl, tidying up and decorating the public areas of the house for fall, and hopefully, starting on some sewing for the girls. They need some warmer things to layer. That, on top of the normal household maintenance and homeschooling, will be taking up my time.

Dinner will be a "let's get these leftovers eaten, folks" night--we have soup, soup, and Tex-Mex. Boy, what a variety! :-)

I've decided to try and really get back on the wagon regarding my health. Since we lost #6 (at 11 weeks) last September, I've gradually let it slide, until I was not doing much of anything except the absolute bare minimum for myself. Not a good idea, at any point. And certainly not something I would recommend. I'm sure it has contributed to a number of difficulties I have had lately. So I'm trying to cut the caffeine back out, getting back on my multiple pill regimen (I am on metformin for my PCOS, but this is on top of that), and generally trying to take better care of myself. Even after only a couple of days, I am feeling a bit better, and I am hoping that it will continue. I definitely need to feel better, especially when it comes to taking care of and raising these children we've been entrusted with...wish me luck. If I can get things going more regularly, then it will mean some weight loss, as well as generally better health. And neither of those are a bad thing at all. Just requires some motivation...consistently.

I've got some upcoming posts with pictures, so bear with me...

Today's Diva is a really interesting woman. A mother of 12, some special needs, some biological, some adopted...a homeschooling mom with the Montessori method....who has gone from leftist liberal protester, to conservative mommy blogger with a mission--keep the rest of us up to date on what is going on out there. Yes, her blog has a decidedly conservative stance--if you don't like that, well, you've been forewarned. :-) She does not, however, just focus on the political. She talks about homeschooling, special education issues, some religious topics...definitely an interesting read...Her name is Barbara, and her blog is Mommy Life

Go give her a look see. It is definitely hard to stop reading at one post, and you'll want to read back and back and back...deep into the archives.

Hopefully your day is going well, and that you are getting some chores marked off the never-ending 'To Do" list!

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