Thursday, October 15, 2009

Who shoved this ice pick into my skull???

Seriously, folks, it feels like someone has inserted a very nasty pointed object into my brain. I've had an on-again-off-again gosh awful headache since Tuesday afternoon. I have never had a headache be this bad, or last this long (mine are usually of short duration, and easily taken care of with either caffeine or Tylenol). I've got a call into my doctor, but she is out of the office until tomorrow afternoon, late, and since I am already going in to see her anyway on Tuesday. I am dealing with it until then...

In better news, the weather is clearing up (for the first time since Saturday--and even then it was brief) and warming up. Hopefully, we'll be getting our garden and yard work done in the next few days, so we can get the fall garden in before the rains predicted for Tuesday through Thursday of next week. At least then, it will be done.

Today I was able to get the cabbage plants, as well as some broccoli and cauliflower. Thirty six cabbage plants, and 6 each of the broccoli and cauliflower. God willing, we'll get something out of them. :-) We like homemade sauerkraut around here. And #3 loves broccoli. Odd for a 5 yr old, but I'm not going to complain.

And this evening, feeling a bit better, and knowing that I had gone to the trouble of doing some of the "volunteer" work, so I could get in early, I went to town after El Husbando got home from work, to the semi-annual consignment sale. The thrift stores in this area are a bit less than wonderful, when it comes to children's clothing, and so I had a few things in particular I was looking for, for this winter's closets. I lucked out for #4&5--they needed winter coats, and I got what we needed, for less than $15. But the things I really needed, for #1, well, not so lucky. She got a shirt. She needed turtlenecks, and skirts/dresses for every day and church wear. Looks like I am going to be hitting Ebay pretty hard. And really starting to sew. Because I can't have her running around massively mismatched, wearing spring clothes. She has a few outfits, but nothing like what she needs for the winter over-all.

Hopefully today has gone less painfully, and perhaps a bit more profitably, for you and yours! If you are in the areas getting hit with rain, or cold, my prayers are with you. My parents live in the southeast, around Atlanta, and the downpours there, have led to so much damage. They have friends living in the top floors of their homes, some of them cannot even be in their homes, they are so messed up. And likely, all of them will have to be torn down, or at least, completely gutted, thanks to the flooding. These are folks in a very upscale area of suburban Atlanta, and while my parents (fortunately) don't live in that area, it is a real source of sorrow to know that their friends are absorbing such a hit, at a time when the economy is in such a state of flux. God willing, everyone will be able to make it through without too much financial hardship.

If y'all can please pray for my headaches, that they are nothing serious. And, if you would, that the buyer for our old home in North Carolina, will be able to get the financing paperwork done, and taken care of, so that we can have it over and done is taking them longer, since they are buying the place as an investment, and given the current home loan process, well, it is a lot harder than it was just a year or so ago. Prayers would be MOST appreciated. God willing, we'll have it done sooner rather than later. I'll definitely keep you all updated as to how things progress...


  1. prayers for your headache and house.

  2. Oh honey, I will certainly be praying for you dear! ((hugs))

    And I am wondering what size your girlie is? I have a whole ton (like a dozen or so) Hanna Andersson dresses which are sized 160. That's about a 14-16 in American sizing. Millen hasn't been able to wear them for about a years or so, but I am holding on to them until I can find someone who can use them.... they'd probably bring several hundred dollars on ebay, but I'd rather give them away. If they won't fit, then don't feel badly about declining them. I know the Lord has some little dress wearing girl out there in mind for me to give them to☺

    Blessings to you today, my dear♥

  3. Well, they would fit her. I love HAs things, but man, it gets pricey (unless you can find it used/second hand). I had picked up a couple of Lands End overstocks in the spring, and put them away for this fall/winter for all three of the girls, but little girls are harrrd on their clothes (esp my second. She is the one who will dismantle machinery, fix ham radios with her daddy, and all the while wearing a fairy princess outfit. LOL.

  4. Well, I'm glad you can use them dear. Most of them are practically like brand new, and have the coordinating tights and so on. Millen is very *not* hard on her clothes, so it's fun to be able to hand down her things. Why don't you email me your addy and so forth and I'll get these things off to you☺

  5. Diane, go check your email!