Tuesday, October 20, 2009

How do you get motivated?

I really have an "issue" with getting motivated. There are times I am full of energy, and ready to go, and I can crank out the projects and the weight loss and the daily minutiae of life without a problem. And then there are times (more often than not, I am afraid), where I am just not quite...there. Where it feels as if I am juuuust shy of the drive to go and do the many many projects I *want* to do...I mean, I have the majority of the materials needed. I have the time (in the evenings, once the boys are in bed--some I could do during the day). I just don't have that certain, special...'something'.

I am hoping that by getting myself into a better frame of health, I will rediscover that drive, but in the meanwhile, what else can I do to push myself to the actual point of production?

Added to the mix is my frustrated perfectionist mindset. I know I can work on that, and I need to. I'm getting a good deal better than I used to be. But it is a never-ending process. Especially, when a project involves something that simply cannot be replaced. Either it is a one-of-a-kind thing, or they no longer make it, etc. Having butchered some silk suiting years ago (a beautiful shade of slate blue, btw, which looks really good on me), I realllllly don't like tempting fate. Being careful will take of at least the cutting issues, but oh, I hate the waste...

Suggestions? Any "btdt" kind of experience to help me? What motivates you when the drive just is not there, but there are lots of things to be done? Help!


  1. okay I am convinced that if I ever become a saint, I will be the patron saint of procrastinators. I am really big on procrastinating so can really relate to your post.

    A couple of things I do.

    1. We are eating better now than any other time in our marriage. We have a garden full of vegetables and I am trying to pay more off our house loan so we have been forced in a way to eat well.

    2. I write a list every night before I go to bed which has what I want to do the next day. At first when I started doing this, I found it overwhelming to look at so many different chores. Now I look at my list and don't think I have to do this all today, I think what can I do right this minute and cross off? When I have a couple crossed off, I get more motivated and do more.

  2. Well, see, that's the problem. I get the day-to-day stuff done no problem. It is the "extracurricular" stuff...the crafting projects, the not-emergency home improvement items, that get me. I have everything I need to make a bunch of different things. But I'm just not...there. Right now, I am back to working on my wool shawl (I started it last winter, quit working on it when it got warm), because I am planning on keeping the heater set lower this winter, and want to have something to snuggle in, etc.

    I can use to do lists for every day things but those aren't the ones I have difficulty with (okay, cleaning the toilets isn't my fave, but it gets done)...

    How do you get yourself going on those other things that aren't vital, but are simply "nice"--even if you want to do them, and have the stuff to make them...but just aren't quite motivated enough....