Thursday, October 22, 2009

Getting there...

I've got, as I have mentioned before, a great many projects and crafty things I want to do, or to learn to do. And I am trying to get some of them actually *done*, instead of just bought, talked about, and put on a shelf. So what I think I am going to do, to make it easy on myself (and my family, lol), is to go ahead and do project at a time.

Right now, I'm continuing to work on my wool shawl--a bright cherry red merino wool. Delish. Warm on the lap while I am working on it (which is nice of an evening, when the children are in bed, and it is just me, the knitting needles, the wool, and "King of the Hill" at 9pm). I think next, I want to tackle a small, not too terribly difficult, machine sewing project. Either slips for the girls, or maybe some coasters. Or a window quilt for #4 and 5's bedroom. I've got a small throw blanket to use as 'batting', and I've got fabric to go over it on both sides. So that would work well (and give me 'batting' to use in the coasters. Hmmmm...).

Today has been rather slow. Gotten dishes and laundry done/going, schoolwork is done. The youngest two are taking a nap, a loaf of bread has been baked, and lunch is heating on the stove (leftover vegetable beef soup from last night). Warm in the belly, and light on the wallet. El Husbando is home today--his injuries from the years in the army are acting up. This weather is undoubtedly not helping.

We got more rain yesterday and overnight. Not unexpected. But it is just cool enough, and wet enough...well, you know how the weather can affect joints and such.

We got over an inch yesterday, and I don't know how much more since midnight. I'm not complaining. Every drop of rain is precious. But this will enable me to get the garden mowed and tilled over the weekend, and God willing, planted on Monday/Tuesday. We've got a chance of rain on Sunday, but it is below 50%, so I'm not *too* worried about it. If we can get the mowing done on Saturday, maybe just maybe I can get El Husbando out there to till on Sunday afternoon or Monday evening. We'll see. But I want/need to get the plants into the ground, pronto. And we still need to mow down the potato patch and see what if anything we got from that. The potato beetles got a lot of that, I'm afraid, in spite of the dusting and picking and dusting and picking we did. Whew. 20 something rows of potatoes. And we may not get anything. 20 rows that were 200 feet long, I might add (I once picked the beetles off all by myself. In one morning. Not gonna do that again, no way Jose). Keep your fingers crossed on those potatoes...we can definitely use them in the pantry, not rotting in the ground...or almost as bad, not formed at all...

I'm not too sure what we're doing for dinner tonight. El Husbando is having an acid stomach, on top of his back troubles, and so I know what he won't be wanting for dinner.

I'm going to be looking to get some work done on my shawl this afternoon, assuming that I can with #4&5 running around...

Hopefully, you are having a great day!

A little later, I'm going to see about posting about one of my favorite online stores, run by a WAHM! You ladies who love the pretty vintage things, will love her products...

Til then, have a great day!

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