Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Prayers, please

A friend of a friend died last week, a kind, gentle, vivacious woman named Becky M. She was generous, and loving. And unfortunately, went mis-diagnosed, and untreated, with pneumonia. After a three week battle in the hospital (some in the ICU), she passed from this life last Tuesday.

Prayers are needed, for Becky herself (as Our Lord is outside of time, and prayers now are just as effective for her final moments, as they were that day, as well as for the repose of her soul), for her beloved husband, Al (who has already lost two wives to cancer, and now, has lost a third to another illness), and their myriad of family, friends, and business associates, who will feel the loss of her presence.

Thank you, everyone. While I knew Becky only a little bit (well enough to say hello to in passing, not well enough to call her up for a chat), having spent the time I did with her, as well as the stories of those who knew her better, proved her to be a fine woman. I am sure that she, and her family, would appreciate the prayers, even if they never know who is offering them.

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