Monday, October 12, 2009

Yep, it is Fall.

Or we've given fall and winter a miss and moved straight into late February/early March. I certainly don't mind gray weather. Really. But the brief spots of sunshine we got on Saturday (fortunately, I was outside at the time and can verify that they did, in fact, appear) was not enough. Some folks are praying for rain. Well, my area got its month's average last week, in one night, so I'm not too worried about *that*. A little sunshine would be MUCH better right now. You know, maybe go half and half each week, just so we can get a little natural vitamin D production going here? Lord, are you listening? Some of us need to send the children outside to play, and the grass needs to dry out so that our husbands will mow it (hopefully for the last time this year). The geese don't mind. The chickens don't mind. I, on the other hand, do mind. It is much easier to get the children keen on playing out of doors, when it doesn't look as if the bottom is going to fall out and drench them before they could get back into the house.

Today is school, housework, and applesauce. Hopefully. We've already got some laundry and dishes done--washed, dried, put away, and new loads started in each appliance, the trash taken out (and the trashmen have already come, so soon one of the girls will be bringing the cans back to the house), breakfast done and over with and cleaned up...El Husbando is off to work (yes, he had to work on Columbus Day).

I made some cookies yesterday, delicious. MMMMmmmmmMMMM. I wisely made a double batch, because we are a house of cookie lovers. It isn't a hard recipe. I got it from one of the ladies at my parish. We had a potluck months and months ago, but I just finally got the recipe recently. This was the first real opportunity I had had to make them, since I don't normally keep corn flakes on hand (we eat oatmeal, or grits, on occasion, but we're not really big on cereals around here). And since I've been just 'bad' enough to tell you about them, here's the recipe:

Easy Coconut Crisps

1/2 c butter, slightly softened
1/2 c brown sugar, packed
1/2 c granulated sugar
1 egg
1 tsp vanilla (note: I used almond extract and it was very very good--we tend to prefer almond to vanilla in just about everything)

Cream all of those ingredients together, and then add:

1 1/4 c sifted flour (I didn't sift it, and they turned out fine)
1/2 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp baking soda
1/4 tsp salt
2 scant cups of corn flakes
1 1/4 c flaked coconut

Shape into small balls and place on an ungreased cooke sheet, about 2 inches apart. Place walnut or pecan half in the center of each cookie (if desired--I didn't, and while they would have undoubtedly been prettier, I didn't want to use up my pecan halves that way). Bake in a 350 degree over for about 10 min, or until golden brown on the edges (it was about 11 minutes in my oven, with the rack in the middle. But check at 10 minutes, since ovens vary).

She notes that you do not want to overbake these, and it is better to err on the side of not quite done enough than to overbake them.

I made a double batch, and got a little over 60 of them. We used our small ice cream scoop as a measure (so we didn't shape them additionally by hand). It was an easy recipe to double, and would certainly be easy enough for a beginning baker to make. And since I ate it at a potluck, it would also be a good choice were one wanting to take a dessert, but not a pie or cake.

And now, the moment you all (whoo hoo. all six of you! lol) have been waiting for!!! (hush--I know you can click on my blogroll any time you want to--but give me a break, okay? LOL)

Our Blogging Diva of the Day is....

Kim, at Daisy Cottage! Now, Daisy Cottage is sooo fun. Soooo not something I can do with five children in this house, but I just love her use of thrifted and vintage finds, as well as the homemade touches she has all over the place. It was her blog that encouraged me to use the red with the yellow I already loved in my old house. So I started buying some red furniture. Now I am looking to add some black, or dusty slate blue, touches here and there. But that's a different blog post (especially once I figure out the whole picture thing).

And if you have sound on your laptop (I didn't have it on my old one, but do on the new little mini model El Husbando has let me use until we can get me a desktop for my desk in our bedroom)---you'll really enjoy that she has music...nice music...

Her cottage is alllllmost enough to make me want to move to Florida. And when she walks around her neighborhood? is absolutely beautiful. I love old houses (which is why I bought a plain Jane late 1970s model rambling ranch). They built them with so much more detail and character back then. I know I can add some to this place. But there is nothing like an older, well-maintained home, with all of those lovely details that cost an arm and a leg to retro fit into a newer home. Maybe some day. When the main decor isn't "childhood toys" and "homeschooling books". LOL.

If you've not met Kim before, please, go check her out. She's a great lady, and a real inspiration to those who were raised color-deprived...and are seeking to break out of the generational mold of "antique white" on every wall and ceiling (sorry Mom--love you, I know that it is easier to paint over, but it is so boring!!).

And folks, if the sun is shining where you are--please, enjoy it for me. I could use a little sunshine right now. I guess I am glad for places like my sunny yellow dining room, and the online folks like Kim and her pretty cottage, to keep me bright and cheery, even when the weather outside is...well, it looks like November. In New Hampshire. Without the benefit of Thanksgiving in the near future. LOL

Hopefully, your day will be productive and sun filled...


  1. (((Rachel))) YOU are SO sweet! Thank you so much for your kind words - if you are ever in Florida, you must come visit me!

    Daisy Cottage

  2. Kim, the last time I was in Florida was my honeymoon in St Augustine, in early April of 95.

    Wow. I mean, it is one thing to look at the pictures of hubby and myself at the Castillo de San Marcos, but it is another thing entirely to realize that that was almost 15 YEARS ago...

    Okay. Now I'm officially weirded out...


    Nah, not really. More of a "ahhhhhhhhh" where my body matches my soul. :-)

    Thanks for coming by, Kim! That I've been visited by one of the serious Divas of the blogging world...okay, now I'm blushing....but as one of my favorite bloggers, of course I'd have to talk about you!