Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Birds (minus Hitchcock)

This lady, we call "Little Bit". She's the youngest of our hens, part of this year's hatch (on my birthday no less! Almost spelled birthday, "bird-day"...silly me). She's pretty quiet. She was hatched out by our next lady, "Big Momma". You will notice how large she appears, especially considering that she is a Buff Orpington, and not a large bird by any means. She fluffs up nicely. When she is setting, she acts as if she is meditating...just in her "zone"...would you believe she only has one egg under there? I almost figured it wasn't worth the effort, but if we get another chicken hatched out this year, I'll be happy, especially since we're down to only 6 birds total, as you will see, the rest are in the next photo...
These four, are our remaining birds. They were currently enjoying the summer garden leftovers, having no problems picking things out. I'm glad. Free food for them, and bug/seed clear out for me. The Black and White one (a laced Wyandotte), we call Spot, for obvious reasons. Originally, we had Spot, Dot, and Patsy. Patsy went to live with some friends, and Dot got eaten. Next in the line-up is a sorely-used hen. Lucky and all of the other roosters we have had, have rather enjoyed her, um....'charms'. Poor dear. Looks a fright. And yet, they keep coming to call. I think I need to tell her all about cows, and free milk, lol. Next, of course, is Lucky. Our rooster. The only one we have left now. Fortunately, he is a gentleman, and has not attacked any of us (roosters can and will do that). We are still careful about him around the children, but he is a good boy. So far. He is a cross between a Buff Orp rooster and a Black Australorp hen. His tail feathers are lovely black with an orangey-gold outline. I may see if I can get a better picture later on...And lastly, we have our one remaining Black Star hen. She's a good, reasonably reliable layer. Not much in the way of personality, especially since she pecks when you go after her eggs, but that's bearable--and normal.

I'm sorry to say that there are no pictures of the steer and heifer we have out in the front pasture. I'm not going out there to try it. Its just too windy. I do hope you enjoy what I've managed to photograph and get on here...
And for now, I'm off to get dinner on the move (it may only be 1pm, but I've got to plan ahead). Hopefully you are having a nice warm snuggly day where you are (mercy, typing that makes me want to go crawl back under the covers and take a nap!).

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  1. I *heart* chickens and one day, as God is my witness, I WILL have them (HOA be damned!!!)