Saturday, October 17, 2009

Some decent yard sales today...and the latest Diva!

Today was the day for running errands...I got to take only one of the crew, so it was especially nice...

#1 is what some would probably call a "tween"....but she is wonderful. A really smart, sweet, funny girl. I've been trying to take more time with her one-on-one lately, as she's beginning to reach a certain all know what I mean about that. Not that we didn't do so before, but she is getting to be more of a young lady and less of a little girl, and needs more..personalized training and discussion.

Part of that training is in helping her learn to use her money wisely, via saving and smart shopping, so as to build a good home with minimum money outlay. She is very creative, which is good for her! Even better, she's an eager learner. She's learned to make her own bread dough, and is a great cookies-from-scratch baker. Our trips through the thrift stores and yard sales since she was a baby have been a good help in this we're building on that foundation. Today, as we ran our errands, we made it a point to stop at some yard sales in the area. She didn't spend much--a few dollars, at most. But she got a couple of mirrors, some craft supplies, and a big package of water balloons complete with hose fitted filler (the last one most impressed her younger sisters, of course). And a big kitchen spoon. She was very pleased. I am hoping to get her a cedar chest/hope chest started soon. Maybe by her next birthday in the spring. El Husbando has the skills and the tools, it is just a matter of finding the wood. She is a very bright and upcoming young lady, and I look forward to seeing how she develops in the next few years...challenging, I am sure it will be. But God willing, we'll come out the other side with a beautiful girl that loves her Lord, who is thoughtfully seeking His will on her vocation in life...whatever it may be.

Now, after all the talk about my oldest daughter...let's talk about me and what I got today! I had to run a few errands--nothing major. Just the usual. But the yard sales were nice. Wish I could have hit some yesterday. But with the one car, and El Husbando needing it for work, well, it is easier to just go on Saturdays. :-) The first one we stopped at was right around the corner from our house. For $4.75, I got a large picture frame (not as big as the one I got last week, but more ornate), a large brass colored fruit basket (I plan on painting it with my oil-rubbed bronze spray paint from Rustoleum), a wrought iron candlabra (holds 5 tapers), a square wall mirror, four baggies of vintage sewing stuff (mostly buttons, but I also got some 'cover your own buttons', and a belt kit), and a cute corner wall shelf (with two shelves, it's going to be painted a soft butter yellow, I think---right now it is an ugly brown). At another sale, I found a pretty little vintage tin box--in great shape, a probably 8 x 10 cross-stitch/embroidered piece in greens and yellows and tans, perfect for my family room, with the word "Peace" stitched on it), and a gosh-awful fake flower arrangement--that was stuck in a pretty blue carnival glass type basket, perfect for my summer decor, which is blues and seashells and that sort of thing--for $2...At another sale, I found a pretty flannel shirt that is too small for me, and too big for my oldest, but will make for some pretty patchwork in a quilt (she could probably wear it as the top layer, over a turtleneck, with the sleeves rolled up...but I've not tried it on her yet. :-) And that was another $1. So for the less than $8, I got some nice decor items, some fabric, and had some great time with my oldest daughter. A great morning, all in all...

We stopped at a few more sales, that had nothing to offer for us. But we got our errands run, and had a little girl time, too. Always a bonus!

Now, on to what I know you *really* wanted to know about--the Blogging Diva of the Day!

Today's lucky winner, is Melissa, at 320*Sycamore !

I know--her blogspot addy is not the same as the name of the blog. But she has some topnotch ideas and tips, and I highly recommend checking out her post on window cleaning from earlier this week! I *so* need this advice! Living on a gravel road, in a dusty, windy place...we get lots of stuff just stuck to the windows. I need to get on a ladder and get those suckers *DONE*. If for no other reason than so we can get more light in the house this winter! I'm also really looking forward to trying out the painting technique she linked to this week, from "Just a Girl". I've got a few pieces I want to paint, have needed to paint, but have just not gotten to yet(a queen sized headboard, a vanity to be turned into a lady's desk, a table or two...yeah. Lots to paint, and not a lot of time to get to it. Hopefully I can get started this next weekend).

Definitely go check Melissa out, if for no other reason, than to find out how to get that really nasty stuck on grime O-F-F! your windows!

Now, for my tip of the day--use spray on turtle wax on the sides of your tub/tile/sinks (NOTE: Do *not* use wax on the bottom of your tub, or on the floor. Slippery. Not good for feet, dry or wet!). Seriously, folks. Scrub your surfaces thoroughly. Let them dry, or wipe them off. Then go in there and spray on the turtle wax (I got mine at Walmart). Wipe it off (no buffing needed!). Just spray and wipe. It will keep the dirt and build up from accumulating, and eliminate the need for the constant washing that hurts the back, and stresses the mind. Especially if you have a few children who get really dirty, and leave that nasttttty ring on a regular basis, or have showerers who use too many products on themselves, and soapscum build up on the walls of the tub/shower. This is definitely the way to go. I don't want to say how long I've been able to go without seriously scrubbing my children's bathtub, but let's say that I did this after we moved in last spring. And other than wiping down, I've had to do very, VERY little in there since (the floors are a whole 'nother story, for another But I've got to really get in there and scrub MY tub. Ugh. It had some horrible buildup when we bought the house, and despite my best efforts, it is still there. Can't get it off, to put the wax on. Got any good ideas? I've tried breaking down the soap scum with white vinegar (it worked, but this was seriously bad stuff. I've actually considered buying some of those nauseatingly chemically high powered commercial cleaners to get it clean). I am not sure what else to try--standard cleaners have not worked, either, btw. So any and all suggestions are appreciated immensely!

I am trying to figure out how to post pictures. I'm going to have to make a more concerted effort in looking up the information, unless someone has a good basic "how to", or can tell me where to go to find out. :-) I was wanting to post some pics of my haul today, but don't know how! Ack!

Hopefully, your Saturday was fruitful, and your Sunday bodes to be fair and spiritually strengthening. It is always so nice to start the week strengthened by the graces of God, isn't it? I know I always have a better week when I start it off "right".

Let me know how your day went--did you get done what you'd planned? Did something intervene? Did you find one of those late-season yard sales and find some good loot? Did you stay home and rearrange what you already had?

Fill me in! :-D


  1. Yesterday I started our big cook for the month. I did 4 quiches, 3 spaghetti chickens and 3 chicken chow meins.

    Today I will prepare chicken snitzels, stew, meatloaf and make some pizzas.

    That will leave the pasties, chilli and sausage casserole to do though the week.

    Maybe I should try the artisan bread recipe for our pizza bases.

  2. Definitely try the bread, Therese! It is *so simple*. Seriously.

    It sounds like you eat a lot of chicken. Is beef that expensive over there? Just is interesting to note the differences in the eating habits of folks in generally similar cultures, but different geography...

    We ate a LOT of pork this spring/summer--because we had three butchered in April, and so the meat was already paid for...there are still cuts in the freezer. But I've been mixing it in with more chicken and beef lately, because we were getting seriously bored with pork pork and more pork. :-)

    I do like a good schnitzel, though. Probably that time I spent in Germany--got spoiled..:-)

  3. we actually eat more kangaroo mince than any other meat.

    Topside beef costs around 15.00 a kg here. I can get kangaroo mince for 5.00.

    The chicken chow mein recipe is actually made with ground beef (I substitute the kangaroo mince) but has chicken stock and chicken noodle soup in it for flavour. That is why it is called Chicken chow mein. weird I know.

    I love pork. I really should look at having more of it.

  4. Holy cow, Therese! I won't pay more than $2.99/lb for beef here (that'd end up being about $7/kg). Yes, I live in cattle country (and I have a steer walking about in my front pasture right now, destined for the freezer). But STILL! OUCH!!!

    We eat plenty of venison, too, but it mostly is what we're given. El H can hunt, but with his back and neck injuries, sitting in a deer blind for hours is awful awful awful. Not to mention the cold and wet.

    What does kangaroo taste like? Is it like a more gamey version of beef? I'm just trying to imagine.

    Do you eat much rabbit? I know that at least at one point, Australia had a HUGE problem with the rabbits that were brought in. I'd think that that'd be a great meat source, too. But smaller and probably less profit margin there. Hm.

    Anyway, that is interesting...kangaroo mince...I'll have to think about what that might taste like...

  5. I honestly cannot tell much difference between kangaroo mince and beef mince Rachel. Steve says he can taste a difference and one of my girlfriends detests the taste of it.

    Rabbit is awful imo. I just cannot stand the taste of it. Steve and his father use to shot rabbits all the time when they went to their shack at the Murray River. I always cooked the Rabbits for Steve but didn't eat much of them.