Sunday, October 11, 2009

Its a beautiful day in the neighborhood...

Well, it is if you like gray, cloudy, overcast, cold skies. Again. Yesterday, we got some sunshine, for a little while. It even warmed up a wee bit. But like all good things, it came to an end. And it is cold, and gray, and cloudy. Again.

As for the estate auction yesterday, there were some *great* deals. And had I had more money, I would have done some serious shopping. As it was, I got two Aladdin lamps (if you don't have one, I cannot recommend them more highly. They are expensive to buy new, but will put out up to 10 times the light as a standard oil lamp, uses the same amount of oil, if not less, and also will heat---yes, folks, HEAT...a decent sized room at the same time. Definitely worth the money). They will need new wicks, mantles, and chimneys, but that is not difficult nor terribly expensive. There were several other lamps, and the beautiful colored glass globes, too, but I couldn't really afford much as I would have liked to have them all. There was also some pretty depression glass...I got a pink bowl, with lovely handles, and a design I haven't seen before, for my mother's Christmas gift (since my mother doesn't even know I have a blog, and wouldn't go online to read it anyway, I am free to say that, lol). And I got a single hand-painted plate to go on the plate rail in my kitchen (it goes all the way around the kitchen, and I've got plates on it, spaced, about 1/2-2/3ds of the way around. But a few more would help).

You ladies will love this. There was a real, real OLD spinning wheel. And it went for--brace yourselves--$40. Or was it $35? I *almost* bought it, too. But I don't know how to spin. I don't have any sheep (yet, because El Husbando wants some, so he doesn't have to mow as often--they will end up being hair sheep, though--and we love lamb!). I do, however, have five small children, and very little time leftover to do the crafty things I already have the materials for on hand (sewing, old fashioned rug hooking, soapmaking...the list is endless). So one more, very large 'space taker upper'? No, no thanks.

There were a couple of nice occcasional tables (including one really cool one, with eagle claw brass feet and glass orbs under the claws), a hall tree (which wasn't so nice, honestly), two china cabinets (both would have been nice had they been original, and not with replaced parts--and not well done replacements), a HUGE dining room set (I don't believe it sold). Think very large, very heavy, *very* ornate, sideboard, buffet, and an enormous table and chairs. Kind of a Gothic/Spanish/German influenced piece. VERY LARGE. I don't know how to get across the enormity of this set. The table was gorgeous, and I could have used it, truly, but given that it was going as a set, well, I just couldn't spring for it. Not to mention, getting it home would have been...difficult at best. LOL. Explaining it to El Husbando? I shudder to think. Fortunately, I restrained myself. So no worries on that account! He is *not* having a conniption because I waaaay overspent, and also because I brought home furniture we honestly have no place for in our home. I could have used the pieces in different ways, in different rooms, and possibly in another, oh, 20 or so years, when there are fewer little people in the house, we'll be able to set the now-schoolroom up as a formal dining room, and use the current dining area as a breakfast/smaller dining space for the times it is just the husband and myself...but that is years and years away--or at least, a good-sized lottery win!

Hopefully, your weekend has been productive--or, if not productive, expense free! Always nice to make it through the weekend, without having to spend money unexpectedly. There isn't much on the schedule until later this week, when we've got dental appointments, but school must go on...and housework. I think you know what I mean about *that*. Housework never ever ever ends. Never. I think I need to be hanging a picture of St Martha in my kitchen....does anyone have a resource for something like that?

Ah well, I'll leave you all alone for now. Run along, Sunday is my 'break day' from the BDotD (BeDotted?)--Blogging Diva of the Day, so you'll have to wait til tomorrow to see where I send you next!

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  1. Sounds like a decent haul! Even if I don't buy anything I still just love to wander around and browse through dead people's stuff! I would have soooo bought that spinning wheel and MADE myself learn how to spin yarn! How cool is that?