Thursday, October 22, 2009

An online "store" you have *got* to check out!!

I just got an email from Lesley at Small Meadow Press. After a summer hiatus, while she cared for her mother (who is now getting situated in an assisted living facility), Lesley has re-opened her store with new items.

Now, let me tell you...I *love* her store. Vintage feeling, handmade, and just plain pretty! She even decorates the boxes she mails all of her lovingly-wrapped products...seriously, getting a package from her, is almost as good as the stuff inside it! I've gotten lots of things from her, and they are all the most delightful! Everything from stationary, to calling cards, to a sort of grab bag of odds and ends pieces, all of them wonderful...I especially love the scalloped edge on the stationary. Just the little small details that really make a piece of paper more than *just* a piece of paper.

I started buying from her, when I actually started writing real letters, and not just resorting to emails and phone calls. After all, don't we all enjoy getting a newsy, chatty letter from a friend? One you can read and re-read again and again? Penned in their hand, on pretty paper? It makes one feel...special. As if the letter-writer actually put some thought into writing a letter--it wasn't dashed off in a moment's hurry, before the postman arrived. No, they sat down, and wrote the letter from their heart. Perhaps they thought about what particular stationary design better reflected their mood at the time, or one they thought you might definitely has a way of making a day more cheery, and gives a momentary 'escape' from the toils of everyday life.

So please, go check out Lesley's shop. Absolutely wonderful--wish I could afford to spend more money there! And it is always nice to know that she's a WAHM....I'd much rather spend my money with someone like that, than with Hallmark or Walmart....

Check in at her website, and come back and tell me what you think. Oh, and she's just as lovely to deal with as her website is to browse... ;-)

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  1. Hello Rachel,
    Someone visited my website from your blog and that is how I found this lovely post that you wrote about my website. It is so kind of you and I am grateful that you wrote it.

    And I am especially pleased to have learned a little more about you and your family and your home. Wishing you so well with your good life!