Sunday, October 18, 2009

I've been tagged!

Therese, of Aussie Coffee Shop fame , has tagged me with the 8 question meme...

Six names you go by:

Hunny Bunny
"Food Lady"

Three things I am wearing right now:
Denim skirt
white beaded tank top
black-on-black embroidered cardigan

Three things I want very badly right now:
My old house to sell
No headaches
My boys to start talking

Three things I did last night:
Posted on my blog and other folks'
Knit on my red wool shawl
Did laundry and dishes

Two things I ate today:
Homemade Tex-Mex

Two people I last talked to on the phone:
Hm. This one depends...
-House phone: My mom (this morning), and this afternoon, one of our neighbors, and fellow parishoner
-Cell phone: El Husbando, and...I think it would have to be my youngest sister. Days and days ago (because most folks just call me at home--I keep the cell phone off unless I am out and about).

Two things I am doing tomorrow:
Homeschooling (duh!)
Dental cleanings for #s1-3

My three favorite beverages:
A fountain style cherry Dr Pepper, light on the ice, heavy on the cherry syrup (no real cherries needed)
A homemade chocolate ice cream coffeeshake (chocolate ice cream blended with cold strong coffee--preferably chocolate coffee or Caramel Truffle coffee)
Sweet iced tea

*Note: Yes, I know, I know. I seem to prefer all of my beverages cold, dark, and caffeinated. LOL. Would you believe I don't really care for hot drinks of any kind? Hot cider, hot cocoa, coffee? Won't touch coffee by itself anyway....blech. Gotta add sugar and milk...lots of both, lol. And even then it still tastes like dirty water...blech.LOL

So now...who to tag? I'm supposed to tag five people...drat. Do I know five bloggers who actually read *my* blog?? I don't think I do! LOL. Sad, yes, so sad. But hey, I'm new around here. Give me a few more years...months, whatever...LOL :-D

I'll pick who I can, and who I know will actually do something...I hope!

1-Diane (Tomato Soup Cake)
2-JoAnn (Creamer Chronicles)

So, ladies, Tag! You're it!

And Therese, thanks for tagging me... (where's that cloud nine emoticon when I need it? Sniffle... ;-) ).


  1. The first tag is great. Sometimes there seems to be so many meme's going around that you can get sick of them.

  2. LOL--I wouldn't be surprised, either, Therese.

    But since online is the majority of my RDA of adult interaction, I'll take it where I can get it, lol.