Friday, October 9, 2009

Sorry for the delay...

We've had a very busy was the biweekly payday errand running...I am sure you understand what I mean about that. Walmart, gas, the milk store, you know the drill. I had a couple of more errands that I ran this afternoon, since running afoul of the gruesome twosome (aka #4) is not something I enjoy. The screaming and screeching of those two, in stereo, no is just ugly. Trust me. You do not want to go there.

In any case, given that I split the errands up, I was able to get everything done, and still avoid the screaming hissy fits of doom. Not too shabby. Especially since the weather the last 24-36 hours has been...interesting, to say the least. More than three inches of rain, strong winds, and a sudden temperature change, from 80 to the mid 40s, overnight. Yeaaahhh. I just *thought* I was cold all week. Nope. That was just a warm-up (yep, pun intended. I'm just a ball of laughs when I fall off of the caffeine-free wagon). No...I now *KNOW* I need wool tights. And soon. BRRR!!!!

But aside from the sudden arctic blast that chilled my bone marrow, today was a good day. I got all of my errands run, and even got to make a quick run by the thrift store. Which wasn't bad, either. Not as good as last week's haul of several wool sweaters in my size, a full length wool dress coat, and some decor 'stuff'...but not too badly. And especially since I found something I've been needing for the office spot I am putting into the master bedroom!

You see, we have a really large master bedroom. It actually might qualify as a "suite" (although that term sounds so...high falutin'. LOL). Anyway, I've got a vanity I am planning on using as a sort of lady's desk. Delicate, it has a great amount of detail to it. Even better, it was already stripped when I bought it! But I have been looking for an oversized wooden frame to go on the wall over make into one of those French memo boards. All of the ones I have found online, have run at least $50, once you count in shipping (and yes, we're talking used!).
So today, I looked specifically for one....and I found it (and I only made one stop)! No, it is not exactly what I had wanted. But part of the joys to be found in thrifting, is taking something that had been discarded, unloved, unwanted, and making it all your own, beautiful, and a part of your home. So the fact that it isn't perfect, just means I can really make it my own...

But let me tell you, I am glad I only spent $3 on it! Yes, it is a large, wide, wooden frame. I am glad, though, that I won't have to feel guilty about removing the 'art' from its frame. Because the (ahem) 'art' is a burlap wrapped piece of laminated wood (the burlap is an off-shade of burnt sienna, no less!), with plastic fake fruit wired to the center of the board. Yeaahhh. A high quality piece of artwork, let me tell you! I might actually attempt to reuse the fruit. And the burlap. And even the board. But *not* together! LOL. The frame is an unfinished/natural finish wood, which is fine with me, since I will want to paint it in some way. I'm just not sure what I will want to do with it color/fabric wise, yet.

I'm hoping that I will be able to figure out how to post pictures on here, so that you ladies will be able to give some suggestions on colors, etc. I know what I want to do with the walls, the desk, and the bed. Now, some of the fabric choices are getting me a bit confuddled (I have valance fabric chosen, and have pulled the paint colors from that). Cushions, etc. God willing, I can get my husband to help me figure the picture thing out over the weekend, so you all can give me some suggestions!

Since I failed to get online early enough to post a Blogging Diva of the Day, I will be posting a two-fer tomorrow. Actually, probably tonight, since I've got plans for early tomorrow morning. Hopefully, the two bloggers won't feel too shafted... :-)

So, without further ado, our bloggers for Friday and Saturday are.....(somebody, roll a pan lid on the floor like a cymbal!)...

"The Mom" at Shoved To Them, and Mrs Anna T over at Domestic Felicity!!! Congratulations! You have now been named on a blog few read! WOOHOO! I know, I can tell you are honored beyond all words. Believe me when I say your cyber trophy is in the mail! ;-)

Let me give ya'll a heads up on these two ladies!

Mom is one blogger I am fortunate enough to know in real life. She is as funny in person as she is online. Her children are, well, #1-6! She's a homeschooling mother of 6 (#6 just arrived this summer! Welcome #6!), a cradle Catholic who reverted as an adult, and even better, brought her husband (aka, The Computer Guy) along for the ride. She's a beautiful, witty, wellspoken woman, who makes a great pizza, and whose heart is just as warm as a sunny summer sky. You may not always agree with her (although I can't say there's been a time I haven't, yet), but she is definitely thought-provoking. Definitely read her post on RU-486.

Mrs Anna T at Domestic Felicity is a devout practicing Jewess, living in Israel. Coming to the domestic game around college age (meaning, she wasn't raised thinking of hearth and home as something to be desired or prepared for), she's married and in the last year, had a beautiful baby girl named Shira. She's been celebrating the traditional religious feast days over the last few weeks, and has some beautiful pictures as well, of the countryside surrounding her home. It is an especially great blog for those who weren't raised with the domestic mindset and came to marriage and parenthood perhaps a bit more unprepared for the demands life and a change in marital status can incur. Modesty is often an issue of discussion, so if that is an interest, you'll definitely find some food for thought amongst her blog posts.

Early tomorrow morning, I'm headed off to an estate auction. It is a local one, but I am picking up a friend and 'kidnapping' her for the morning. Hopefully, we will find some interesting items that don't go too high once they hit the auction block. I'm not looking for anything in particular really, but one never knows when or where one will find something on the "ought to get, but cannot afford new" list will show up. So we're going to check things out a bit earlier than the auction start time, so we can make sure we're not wasting the trip (however short).

Wish me luck! Hopefully, if we do find anything, it will be up early in the day. Otherwise, I may be sitting out in the wet and cold for awhile tomorrow. If there isn't anything, well, I can come home and make some applesauce (I picked up some apples today for a pretty decent price, so applesauce time it is!).

Hopefully, you will check out Shoved to Them and Domestic Felicity....and let them know you were there!

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