Friday, October 23, 2009

Well, the sun is finally out.

I know it seems that I post a good deal about the weather, but it has been going back and forth and back and forth so much, it is the most changeable thing happening around here lately.

We got right at 2 inches, from late afternoon Wednesday into Thursday morning sometime. So now we are more than double our monthly average, this month.

Today was a payday, so we went and ran errands and paid bills, and then made our way home. Goodness knows, the money has to stretch a lot farther these days. I think something that I am going to try and do is post some of my favorite money saving ideas...I've got a few that actually do save me money, believe it or

But not today. Today is a Diva posting day (something I have let slide, I'm afraid, sorry about that!). I know. The six of you have just been eagerly anticipating the next Diva post....

Okay, okay, you can stop laughing now. I mean, really--you need to breathe! At least occasionally!

Today's Diva, Sarah at Thrifty Decor Chick ! (see the sidebar). Truly, in spite of having a small child, she manages to get so much done, it boggles the mind. And not only that, it is *good* stuff, on the cheap (for the most part, lol).

One of these days, I hope to post some "look what I did" posts, but until I can/do, check out Sarah!

Hopefully, ya'll are having a great prelude to the weekend. We're having homemade pizza, ice cream, and a movie for our Friday Family Night. Pizza is our standard Friday night meal. One with cheese only for the children and myself, and one with at least a pound of meat on it, for El Husbando. I'm not sure what if anything we'll be able to get done this weekend outside, between the cold and the wet ground (no sense bogging the tractor in while trying to mow/plow). But for now, I'm going to pull out my shawl and do some more work. It will help keep the feet warm while I sit in my recliner continuing to work on it. If this cold keeps up, it will be nice to wrap up in, that is for sure...

What are you all up to today? Any good plans for the weekend? Fill me in!

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