Wednesday, October 7, 2009

An idea...(scary, I know...)

But hey, it's a weekday, right, and I can think if I want to, without setting off the smoke alarms....

It is another fine, gray, overcast and looking-like-it-will-pour-any-minute day here in Oklahoma. We've had a couple of nice days of rain, now it can stop, please, and go back to the sunny, wonderful, breezy weather I've come to know and love. I can handle wearing the wool sweaters I just bought last week in the local Salvation Army thrift store (gotta love me some SA--and I don't mean San Antonio!)....I've worn three of them in the last five days, and yesterday I wore one of the heavy weight cotton cardigans I bought last year...brr. I think we'll have soup for lunch...

Anyway, on to my idea!

I've got some lovely blogs on my blogroll, and these ladies are obviously worthy of some more "facetime" (obviously, they are not likely to get it here but I am going to do my best!). So, I figured for my inaugural "Go Check Out the Divas" post, to bring to your attention...(drum roll please....pulling name from battered fedora that #4&5 fight over).......

Therese, at the Aussie Coffee Shop!!!!!!!!

Now, folks, as a little heads up, Therese (whose name I always say mentally in my best Steve Irwin/Crocodile Hunter voice) is a wonderful, homeschooling SAHMum in, you guessed it, Australia!!!! She's the Catholic mum to 7 little Aussies, with #8 on the way. She's got two sons with diabetes (one discovered quite recently), and she is a real hoot. She sews (wow, I wish she was here to give me some lessons!), and is just a general all-around 'good soul'. Check out her link over in my blogroll list, and go take a visit 'down under'! They are currently on break from school, and are going and doing all over the place, so you might get to see some interesting pictures of Aussieland...make sure to leave a "hi, Rachel sent me!" comment--or even better, just become a regular reader, and leave me out of it!

And now, on to more pedestrian pursuits than internet world-travel...

Since I have wayyyy too much time on my hands, with the summer garden winding down, and wet weather preventing us from getting started on the fall garden, I'm working on my red wool shawl that I started late last winter. My mom (wonderful woman that she is) gave me the funds to buy some crafty things for ME--she's a wise one, and knows that unless it is specifically designated for my use, it will end up being spent on one or more of the dc. And so, craving a big ol' wool shawl, and not having the funds to just up and buy one from Etsy (a great place for the handmade, vintage, and just all around interesting stuff we all love), I purchased several skeins of gorgeous red wool...

Unfortunately, I got about halfway through it, and it got snagged, and pulled, and I had three or four big gaps. So, not knowing the way to fix those (I'll admit it, I can knit, but anything beyond the basic knitting stitch, is beyond me right now), I had #1 help me undo the whole thing down to the last hole. Which of course means that now I am redoing all of that lovely work that I have had to unravel. But it is coming along nicely. The weather has been cooperating, and I've gotten a good bit done. I've made it my "after the children go to bed" project, because knitting needles, a work in progress, and twin two year old boys simply do *not* mix. No. Not at all.

Hopefully, I will figure out how to post pictures on here, and can give you "wip" pics as I go along. It is a very simple thing, a big red wool rectangle, but hey, it's bigger than a scarf. Or a washcloth. Both of which I am good at making. LOL.

Anyway, we're probably having more Tex-Mex for dinner tonight, because, well, let's face it. We love the stuff, it makes us happy, and it stretches the food budget.

Let me know how you are doing! (someone has to be reading this, besides me!)...what are you having for dinner? Is it something particularly 'fallish', or is it something completely different?


  1. oh wow. A shout out. I really appreciate it Rachel. I am still trying though to work out how Steve Irwin would say my name and the imagination of it makes me laugh.

    Good luck with the knitting. I don't have enough patience for many knitting projects. If they cannot be done in a day, forget me even trying it. It is good to do on long trips though.

  2. That's why it gets about 4-6 rows on it every night. I've got about an hour a night of knitting into this thing, but I figure it keeps my lap warm while I am working. A cheap and easy way to do it. A lot cheaper than turning on the heater. LOL. The children keep bugging me to turn it on, especially in the morning, but I'm trying to get them used to cooler temps in the house (it is a bit over 60 these days, but the mornings are, of course, a bit cooler than that).

    Of course, since I don't have a huge following (lol--I started a few days ago, what'd I expect?) but I figured I could send the few folks that *do* read my ramblings, along to see some new places they might not otherwise have made it to!

    I really liked your sewing, btw! I need to get some skirts and slips made for the girls...