Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Its a rather blustery day....

If Piglet were out here, he'd have long since blown off towards Amarillo. But tonight bids to be just like Pooh's, after his rather blustery day--rain, big time, in the forecast. Stormy weather, winds, big bad ju-ju. So today is a "battening down the hatches" kind of day around here. Corralling up anything left outside that could potentially go flying, making sure that the water buckets are put under the drip line so that they can catch as much water as they can, as this will save on watering time later in the week...I need to move the porch furniture around, as the winds this morning have already flipped my old-fashioned glider (one of those old, two seater models that look like grandma's yard furniture?) It isn't very heavy, and the wind came from just the right direction, caught it underneath, and flipped it up and over and up again.

I've already made a run to the gate to get a package from the Fed Ex man, finished the homeschooling, done some laundry, fed breakfast to everyone, struggled with the copier/printer, and gotten #4 & 5 down for their nap. Whew. And I knit a bit. I'm almost done with my fourth skein of yarn (100gm), and I'm stillllllll going. El husbando thinks I need to add another full skein on to it, but I am not so sure. It is already as tall, almost taller, than I am (and I'm over 5 feet tall) I will post a photo, so you all can see what this thing looks like, when it is finished. It isn't anything fancy, and it sure has made a nice lap blanket while I've been working on it. I've yet to get on to any machine sewing, though, so I need to get this stuff D-O-N-E! LOL. I want to have one project finished before I move onto anything else. I am persnickety that way. :-)

Since I don't have any new sunset pictures, I'll have to wait til later--I want to get up some pictures of the critters we have scampering around here, so I'll be back in a bit with some thing for you all!

Hopefully, your day is going well, and the weather isn't socking you in some place. And if it is, stay warm and dry. Have a bowl of soup. Make something fresh and yeasty and delicious. Slather some real butter on it, and enjoy something fresh and yummy for lunch...

(Can you tell I'm hungry? LOL).

Have a good one, til I get back!


  1. Mmm, soup. I'm working on some chicken soup for dinner right now. I guess I'd better crack out the yeast and flour sometime soon, too!

  2. The beans soaked overnight--I prefer Navy beans over Great Northerns--the Navy beans tend to get a much more buttery flavor, in my opinion...especially with a little onion, and some ham thrown in? Or just a ham bone with a little meat on it. I wish we had some ham bones, but I'll be using some of the home-cured ham El Husbando attempted last year (too salty for regular use, so we'll be using it in soup and such). And homemade cornbread. And something desserty. I'm not too sure what the dessert will be, though...More on that, later!